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   Chapter 2777 Meet Your Death

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In the furnace on the side of the hall, the blazing flames shrunk and were extinguished quickly. Even the ashes turned cold, leaving no trace of the warmth that once filled the hall.

Everyone stayed still, as if they were stuck in their positions. Some of the fiend servants hiding behind the fiends started trembling in fear.

Seeing how the place had been transformed, Stuart, Azazel and the other fiends looked sullen.

It was a familiar voice that they heard earlier.

It was the same voice that was hidden in the Sea of Meditation, taught the fiends to cultivate and made the fiend race develop to be powerful. Who would ever forget?

Under its guidance, the fiends learned how to control their emotions and completely take the seven emotions out of their bodies, turning them into the seven little fiends.

If not for this voice, the fiend race would not be able to make it this far.

For the same reason, the powerful fiends were able to stay in the Sea of Meditation to cultivate.

"Aren't you in the Sea of Meditation? How are you able to come out?" Stuart asked, clearly surprised to see their visitor.

The cold female voice replied, "When did I ever say that I can't leave the Sea of Meditation?"

Crack, crack, crack.

The sound filled the room as the ice on the smooth table grew thicker and thicker.

The fine ice crystals continuously gathered at the center of the table, rapidly growing like a plant.

Layer by layer, it grew until the ice crystals were about the same height as a person. Then, they transformed into a shape of a very attractive human figure.


With a beam of milky white light flashing, everyone was blinded for a while. As soon as the light started fading, the perfect body wrapped in a light blue cloak appeared before them.

Everyone was left speechless. The big fiends stared firmly at this body, including Gallio.

They initially thought she was like those unknown creatures who didn't have a body, and even could not prove their existence.

But today, her real body appeared right before their eyes.

The fiends yearned for the human civilization. They appreciated humans, so they imprisoned the female disciples of the powerful clans on the Floating Islands.

Coming from pow

art, looking at the woman with a complicated expression.

A contemptuous smile appeared on the woman's cold face. She uttered, "The fierce beasts in the entire Abyss Demon Region have poured into the sixth stage and they are all going to be reborn. With that being said, they will be cutting off the Faith Energy in their own bodies at the same time. Do you think that you still have a choice?"

Stuart, Azazel and the other big fiends were all shocked with this news.

This woman had always guided them, but they thought that her guidance could only be confined within the Sea of Meditation.

They did not expect that this woman would be so powerful to control the fierce beasts of the entire Abyss Demon Region. Even the fiends couldn't do that. They could only subdue those intelligent vicious beasts but not control them.

"I will fulfill my promise. If I succeed, I will let you get out of the control of the Abyss Demon Region," the woman said calmly. Her eyes scanned the room for any violent reaction. "Now, should I kill you or should you go and meet your death before those Holy Beings?"

While they were hearing her limited options, the expressions on Stuart's and the other big fiends' faces immediately turned bitter.

Considering their sizes, these three big fiends were not unable to fight this woman.

It was just that they did not even have the courage to resist her head-on!

"Go ahead, Stuart. It is our original plan, isn't it?" Gallio finally spoke, beaming a gloating smile.

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