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   Chapter 2773 Suspicion

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Everyone was taken aback by what was happening before their eyes.

Having lived for countless years, the Holy Beings and Demi-holy Beings present were particularly sensitive to the intensity of the energy that Gallio had released.

The energy waves caused by the explosion of the magic crystal were terrifying.

Even a dozen or so Holy Beings would not be able to stop the energy waves, let alone just one of them.

In terms of strength, these fiends were indeed way superior to the Holy Beings.

However, Nicholas still managed to singlehandedly block off the energy waves, once again showing his real strength to the other Holy Beings.

It was at this moment that Samuel returned to the Desperation Plain with Pascal.

He had already been wearing a long face the whole way back as he knew that letting Zen go would pose a threat to him in the future, but his face became even more sullen when he saw the amount of power Nicholas had.

Nevertheless, Nicholas could not completely destroy the energy waves; he was only holding them off for the time being.

Soon enough, the walls of the invisible dam began to collapse.

Fortunately, the others had retreated to a safe place by this time.


The energy waves finally burst forth and spread out, devouring everything along the road. Even the death auras that haunted the Desperation Plain all day long, along with the faint whines, had disappeared.

Nicholas' face remained calm as usual, as if killing one of the great fiends hadn't satisfied him at all.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Clark put out the flames on his body and resumed his normal form. His original ruddy face had turned very pale, and he couldn't help but cough. He quickly took out a red pill from the Sumeru Space and put it into his mouth.

Although Nicholas was the one who had defeated Gallio, Clark and Murphy had also played a key role in their fight.

Gallio's power was much higher than a Holy Being's, so even Nicholas would not have been able to fight against him head-on alone.

Clark and Murphy had made a concerted effort to force Gallio to an impasse.

Nicholas conveyed an order and soon, the other Holy Beings, Dem

us?" Clark echoed in agreement.

If the fiends were really stupid enough to let the union of the wealthy clans defeat them little by little without fighting back, it would obviously be a good thing for the union.

However, Nicholas shook his head and said, "That's impossible."

"These fiends have gathered all the negative Faith Energies. It's normal for them to fight amongst themselves. Why is it impossible?" Murphy asked.

Nicholas squinted as he stared straight ahead. "Gallio died too calmly."

"The fiends are immortal. They will be reborn after death," refuted Clark.

Death was an ordinary thing for the beasts in the forbidden lands.

"It's not that. Gallio seemed to have foreseen his own death. If the fiends are having an internal conflict like Jeremiah said, it was unnecessary and dangerous for Gallio to take us on alone. Instead, he could have gained an advantage over the other fiends by joining hands with us," said Nicholas.

"Sounds reasonable," Samuel interrupted as he caught up with the Holy Beings.

The Holy Beings' faces turned slightly cold when they saw Samuel.

"Let's put this aside first. Samuel, you went to personally chase after Zen. I wonder what you've found," Nicholas said, looking straight at Samuel.

Samuel had sent Laquisha and her siblings to chase after Zen and then found an excuse to join them, directly going against Nicholas' order. Now, Nicholas was criticizing him for what he had done.

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