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   Chapter 2772 Explosion

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"Your master?" Zen raised his eyebrows slightly and then ventured a guess. "Were you created by the fiends?"

"The fiends?" The phantom shook its head and said, "Those fiends are working for my master. How can I be created by them?"

"So you were indeed created by someone?" Zen smiled.

The phantom laughed in response. "Don't think such tricks can get me to talk. It's true that I was created, but I have everything that you possess. Therefore, it won't be hard for me to take your place in the divine land."

Zen's face darkened when he heard this. So that was what this whole thing was about...

He had no idea who the so-called master mentioned by the phantom was.

And if Zen really died in the Abyss Demon Region, the guy in front of him was indeed very likely to replace him without anyone noticing.

Of course, Zen would not allow such a thing to happen. The killing intent once again appeared in his eyes.

"It's meaningless," the phantom continued. "Even if you own the Wild God Power and are stronger than me, you still won't be able to kill me. If my master wants to copy you, it won't take much effort. I advise you not to waste your energy.

Just wait here!"

Meanwhile, on the Desperation Plain, a Demi-holy Being from the Mu Clan tapped the ground with his toes.


Wisps of golden light intertwined and formed a huge golden bow.

The Demi-holy Being suddenly bent his body and drew the golden bow.


Rays of golden arrows began condensing on the bowstring.

The golden arrows were spread in the shape of a fan, and lay close together on the long bowstring of about ten feet.


With an explosive sound from the bowstring, hundreds of rays of golden light shot into the sky.

Each dazzling golden light released a terrifying power. These golden arrows seemed to have eyes and an extraordinary accuracy.

In the sky, the giant birds were flying in the midst of the smoke, and every time they appeared, they would spit out thick lightning.

They were a major threat to the True Gods on the ground.

However, the golden arrows shot out by the


Clark and Murphy immediately realized how grim the situation was.

"Let's go!"


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

As the two Holy Beings retreated, they sent a message to everyone on the Desperation Plain with their life vitality.

Although the alliance of the great clans was about to win the battle, there were still many Demi-holy Beings and consummate True Gods who were fighting with all their effort. Just after they received the message from the two Holy Beings, they felt a vibration under their feet that was coming all the way from the other end of the Desperation Plain.

An extremely terrifying energy had exploded from Gallio's body.

The explosion turned into a mass of horrifying energy that rushed over from the end of the Desperation Plain.

Although Nicholas had asked Clark and Murphy to retreat, he was still standing firmly in front of the surging energy with his hands clasped together.

The dark and light energies, which were black and white respectively, spread out from his hands.

"Heaven and Earth Breaking!"

Crack! Crack! Crack...

The brown energy rushed toward Nicholas, but it only reached a few hundred feet before being blocked by an invisible wall.

At the moment, Nicholas was like a big dam standing at the end of the Desperation Plain, singlehandedly holding off all the energy waves that were coming from Gallio's exploded crystal.

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