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   Chapter 2771 The Infinite Ice Palace

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"I can't defeat you?"

Zen frowned at the phantom.

Even though No. 9527 had said that there was something strange about the phantom in front of him, Zen didn't believe that it was really him.

The chillness of the air around him calmed him down quickly. After he thought for a moment, the corners of his mouth curved up into a sly smile.

"Since you say you're me, can you do this move?"

As soon as he finished speaking, Zen released the Wild God Power within his body, and his body began to grow at an alarming rate.

This ice palace was only about two hundred feet high. At the rate Zen's body was expanding, his head hit the ceiling of the palace in no time.


A small crack appeared on the ceiling, which was made of ice crystals.


That crack began to rapidly branch out to the entire ice palace.

This scene finally wiped the indifferent expression off the phantom's face.

Before this, it had been able to do everything that Zen could. Growing, however, was something that it couldn't do.

It squinted slightly, and suddenly, a soft voice came to its mind. "Stop him from destroying the ice palace!"

"Roger that!" the phantom replied in its mind with a mental nod.

Then, it took a step forward and suddenly leaped into the air.


A pair of thunder wings stretched out from its back.

At the same time, it lifted the Shadow Bearing Sword and made a strange spiral in the air. The emotion in its eyes disappeared completely. Its internal momentum and the sword intent in the Shadow Bearing Sword merged at an alarming pace. "Emotion Closing Godly Way! Gods-intimidating Strike!" it roared.

The huge ice palace was quickly crumbling under the pressure that Zen was putting on it.

By the time the phantom unleashed the Gods-intimidating Strike, Zen's body had grown to more than a thousand feet.

His legs had pierced through more than ten floors of the ice palace, and his head and shoulders had made a hole.

As he grew larger and larger, Zen's attention was still focused on the phantom.

Zen knew himself be

d the Thunder Materialization, flying along the huge hole at full speed.

In just a few seconds, he reached the end of this huge hole.

Zen stood on the floor beside broken ice sculptures, and his face was set.

He couldn't find the end of the ice palace at all. Behind the transparent wall, there were still layers of exquisite ice walls, as if they had no end and extended all the way to a place that he couldn't reach.

"What the hell is going on?" Zen immediately felt a throbbing in his head as he tried to wrap his mind around the situation.

The creatures in the dark water had brought him to a freakish place.

Even the knowledgeable No. 9527 couldn't see through it.

After all, its deduction was based on the experience of constructing a world.

And back when the masters at the Other Shore Realm had built worlds, things had been different. Chiyou's reason for building the Sea of Meditation or what power he had put in it was unknown.

Zen was still in a dilemma about how to proceed when a figure waddled over.

It was none other than the phantom that he had slapped away a while ago.

Although the phantom had been badly hurt, its recovery ability, just like Zen's, was amazing. Leaning against an ice column, it smiled faintly and said, "Since my master wants you to stay here, you'd better stay obediently in the ice palace. It's impossible for you to leave."

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