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   Chapter 2765 Scorching Gold

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As a swordsman, Sword Chen was obsessed with all kinds of swords.

However, he had been stuck in the Sea of Meditation for too long. Out of all the swords he had, only three of them were supreme primordial weapons.

Moreover, supreme primordial weapons could be classified into different levels of power; the three swords he had were the ordinary kind.

And aside from these three swords, all the swords he had were regular weapons in the divine land; even ordinary citizens could easily obtain them.

"These are all I have. I wonder if you have a spare sword?" Sword Chen asked, turning to Zen.

"Of course I do," Zen said with a smile.

Then, he went over to the long table and gently tapped the space ring in his hand.

Swords fell out of the space ring and scattered all over the table.

From the divine land to the prison at the bottom of the chaos, Zen had not been particular about collecting treasures along the way.

Whenever he did stumble upon a treasure, however, he would secretly stash it away in his space ring.

Every now and then, he would sort out all the items in his space ring and throw away whatever he didn't need, especially common items.

Therefore, almost all of the items he had accumulated in his space ring were rare and valuable.

Even though he had left some common supreme primordial weapons behind in the fairy palace, there were still quite a number of treasures in his space ring.

Clang, clang, clang...

Sword Chen's eyes widened as he watched the longswords tumble out of Zen's space ring one after the other.

"Supreme primordial weapons!"

"There are dozens of long swords, and all of them are supreme primordial weapons..."

"This brown sword seems to be a supreme chaotic weapon! What's the name of this sword?"

Looking at the excitement on Sword Chen's face, Zen shrugged sheepishly. "I don't remember..."

He had probably gotten this brown sword from the space ring of some Wild God, so naturally, he didn't know its name.

Moreover, he couldn't understand why a Demi-holy Being like Sword Chen was being this enthusiastic about a bunch of swords.

With Sword Chen's current strength, these swords should be no more than scraps of metal for him.

And Zen's line of thought was completely right, of course.

With Sword Chen's cultivation and strength, these swords were truly

"Follow me!"

Holding the Scorching Gold in his hand, Sword Chen stepped out of the bubble.

Zen quickly stretched out his hand and stroked the long table, recalling all the swords that had been refined by Sword Chen into his space ring.

Plop, plop...

Zen followed Sword Chen and sank into the thick dark water again.

Before, when Zen had descended, he hadn't been able to see anything.

But this time, he could see each and every detail; the Scorching Gold in Sword Chen's hand was emitting a golden light that illuminated the area ten feet around!

"Make sure that you are always under the cover of the golden light from the Scorching Gold. These unknown things are very sensitive and will slowly gather around you. The moment you are outside the golden light's protection, they will attack together!" Sword Chen warned him.

"Didn't you say that these unknown things have no forms? Then how do you know they will attack?" Zen asked.

After a few moments of silence, Sword Chen replied, "There was a time when I was chased by a fiend in the Sea of Meditation. After his Scorching Gold burned out and the golden light disappeared, the unknown things came over..."

Every time Sword Chen recalled this incident, his heart would flutter with fear. There was no doubt that even the fiends would be extremely afraid of the unknown things.

As they were speaking, Zen suddenly felt a surge of power coming from beside him. Both of them turned their heads at the same time. It seemed that there were many huge things slowly approaching them from the distance...

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