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   Chapter 2763 The Way Of Survival Under Water

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Before, Zen had been shrouded by thick dark water that had completely blocked Sword Chen from his sight.

Now, after entering this space, he finally laid eyes on Sword Chen.

Covered in rags with messy hair and dirty skin, Sword Chen looked like a beggar.

He looked nothing like the man Zen had met in the Corridor of Emperor years ago.

The only thing the person in front of him and the Sword Chen he had met before had in common was the pair of sharp black eyes. They were like two obsidian gemstones shining with dark light.

"This might not be the first time for you to see me," Sword Chen surmised, turning around.

"Yes, I once saw you in the Corridor of Emperor in the Illusion Battlefield."

Sword Chen nodded his head slightly. The person Zen had encountered in the Corridor of Emperor was nothing more than a soul mark that the original Sword Chen had left there.

But the soul mark Sword Chen had left there hadn't been as competent as Augustus'. When the soul mark Augustus had left in the Fairy Place was activated, he had immediately learned about Zen's existence. Sword Chen, on the other hand, had had no knowledge of his encounter with Zen.

Now, staring at Zen, Sword Chen asked, "What's your relationship with Holy Mike?"

He already had a guess that he was more or less sure about, but he still wanted to confirm it.

"Mike is my father," Zen answered.

"It is just as I thought! So you didn't become my disciple in the Corridor of Emperor?" he asked calmly.

"Yes." Zen nodded. "I already became Holy Bromley's disciple before that."

"Ah, that makes sense. Among the ten Godly Geniuses, you are the most important one. Holy Bromley's fairy palace had been reserved for you..." Sword Chen muttered to himself.

When Sword Chen had still been a Supreme Lord, he hadn't known about the existence of the fairy palace.

By the time he had found out about the plan involving the Godly Geniuses, he had already come to the divine land.

Zen looked around the space they were in. It was a small sphere, and its outermost layer was still fluctuating. "So for the past few years, have you been living in the Sea of Meditation?"

With a bitter smile on his face, Sword Chen said, "To be more precise, I've been living in this

on Land," Zen explained.

In the Reincarnation Land, there were three altars.

When Zen had first seen them, he had been confused to note that there were no statues on two of the altars. He had wondered where the Jade Scale Butterfly and the Flame Blood Vulture could be in the divine land, but he had never expected that one of those things would be in Sword Chen's hands.

In this bubble, there were no other cultivation resources available to Sword Chen. However, his cultivation method was similar to Laquisha's. For the past few years, he had used the Jade Scale Butterfly to approach the Memory Flames and absorb the cultivation memory of the Memory Flames little by little. In this way, he had improved step by step and become a Demi-holy Being.

"You entered the Abyss Demon Region through the Reincarnation Land, but why were you hunted by Samuel and his group?" Sword Chen was a little confused.

Although he had the Jade Scale Butterfly, he could not use it to search the Memory Flames at will like Zen could do with his Reincarnation Soul Weapon, so he didn't know the recent happenings in the divine land.

Zen quickly filled him in about everything that was happening.

"Nicholas has joined forces with the powerful clans on the Floating Islands to conquer the Abyss Demon Region..." Sword Chen repeated. After thinking for a while, he narrowed his eyes and said with a cold smile, "It seems that the clever Nicholas can also be stupid sometimes. This might be an opportunity for us!"

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