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   Chapter 2762 Under The Black Water

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6567

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Sword Chen sighed, suddenly sensing something. He talked to Zen through his life vitality, "Hide your aura! Something is coming!"

Heeding this instruction, Zen hid all his aura.

They floated in the black water, as motionlessly as they could.

Then Zen felt a wave emerge from the thick black water.

He knew that there was probably a huge monster swimming in the black water, swilling the water around and forming an undercurrent.

The mere manner in which the undercurrent reached Zen terrified him.

Zen's heart seemed to stop beating in that moment.

The hair on his back stood on end, and his mood began to fluctuate violently.

He had tried his best to restrain himself but fear had prodded his instincts.

And now, he was trying to gather all his strength and hit back.

At that moment, Sword Chen put a hand on Zen's shoulder.

A warm current flowed from his palm

and into Zen's shoulder, causing him to feel immediate relief.

Zen had the sudden feeling of returning home, as if he had, all this while, been in a cold, frozen land and then spring had made its appearance again. His fear had disappeared as well.

He had experienced this feeling before, when he had faced fear incarnations in the debate venue. But it hadn't been as strong as it was now.

The undercurrent disappeared after a while and the monster was also a significant distance away. It was only then that Sword Chen released Zen.

"What was that? Is there a monster in the black water?" Zen asked.

"No," replied Sword Chen.

"No?" Zen repeated, puzzled. He had clearly sensed a huge monster just moments ago.

And now, Sword Chen was saying that there was no ferocious monster here! What was Zen to make of this contradiction?

"Do you know what the black water is?" Sword Chen asked.

"No, I don't," Zen replied.

He only knew that the black water, like the Magnetic Sacred Mountain, was extremely complex.

It would weaken all kinds of ene

Do the fiends still need to practice?" Zen became even more puzzled at this.

The monsters would become stronger and stronger as long as they stayed in the forbidden lands, because they had an inexhaustible source of Faith Energy there.

Another way of becoming stronger was to devour other beasts, a way in which they could get extra Faith Energy quickly.

"Of course, it's necessary," Sword Chen said, calming down. "If the fiends only relied on Faith Energy, they wouldn't have the strength they have now. They would have been just some obscure monsters. But in the Sea of Meditation, they can come in contact with the most wonderful ideas, some even beyond the limitation of the divine land."

Zen's heart skipped a beat at this.

He had heard the strange fish mention that the fiends were looking for a way to leave the Abyss Demon Region. This was impossible, because it violated the rules of the divine land.

And according to what Sword Chen was saying, did the fiends find the way out of the Abyss Demon Region through the Sea of Meditation?

The moment Sword Chen finished talking, Zen felt the pressure around him loosen and he stepped into a space he couldn't quite explain. The black water that had clung to his body peeled and flowed away from him like reeling silk from cocoons.

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