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   Chapter 2756 My Reliance

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Zen's head had contained seven Latent Theurgies all this while.

But after a while, these balls of theurgies were concealed so that no one could see them.

The first Latent Theurgy that was activated was the Killing Intent Counterattack.

This theurgy would work whenever someone became hostile towards him.

But even Zen couldn't help but shrink at the explosion that the Soul Suppressing Sword had sent through the ball. The mighty soul pressure had been released, causing his soul to stiffen.

However, this was only an aftereffect.

The Soul Suppressing Sword was then placed before Raymond, with Jayden and Mathew standing on either side of him.

The moment they faced the Soul Suppressing Sword, their sense of self diminished and they began to feel small, like ants. The enormous soul pressure was like an infinite giant, and they were too weak to resist or escape.

As a result, all three of them stood there like statues, until the Soul Suppressing Sword hit Raymond's head.


A low muffled sound was heard.

Once the Soul Suppressing Sword had killed Raymond's soul, it disappeared into his head.

Raymond's eyes flashed, emitting two rays of dazzling golden light, before becoming dull and remote.


Now that Raymond's body had lost its soul, it began to fall backwards into the black water.

Frightened at this sight, Jayden and Mathew didn't stop Raymond's body, and let him fall into the black water.

Pascal, who was still fleeing in the distance, turned around suddenly.

Samuel, standing on the Desperation Plain, sensed what had happened through Pascal. His face darkened in shock.

"What was that? How could it launch such a powerful soul attack?"

There was probably no one in the divine land who could resist a soul attack of this level. Even a warrior at the Other Shore Realm would die if he or she were to touch it.

Zen also looked regretful.

He had had a vague feeling that the Killing Intent Counterattack was a powerful weapon, but he hadn't expected the Soul Suppressing Sword to be so horrifying.

It could chop off souls belonging to Demi-holy Beings and even Holy Beings and warriors at the Other Shore Realm.

Using it to kill a Demi-holy Being of the Tang Clan was a waste of its potential.


d given him?

But Zen didn't move now that he had lifted the Shadow Bearing Sword.

"On what do you rely now?" Mathew asked angrily. He had a feeling that he had been fooled.

"I rely on myself!"

Zen had barely finished talking when the pair of thunder wings on his back stretched with a deafening sound.

With an almighty crack, Zen turned into a thunderbolt and shot towards Mathew, the Shadow Bearing Sword in his hand.

Mathew really doubted if Zen had any other secret weapon, or if he had anyone to help him remain calm.

At Zen's answer, he burst out into laughter. He didn't know how a consummate True God could defeat two top-level Demi-holy Beings.

But at the end of Zen's words, the Shadow Bearing Sword came hacking down on Mathew's head.

"Do you think you can defeat us alone?"

A trace of contempt appeared in Mathew's eyes. He raised his Invisible Incantation Sword to fend off Zen's Shadow Bearing Sword.

It was obvious that he was treating Zen's sword as some kind of a joke.

But the moment the two swords met, the Invisible Incantation Sword dissipated into hundreds of golden incantations.

Mathew was stunned, again.

He had expected everything, but he hadn't expected Zen to be able to destroy his Invisible Incantation Sword!

The Indestructible Metal Godly Way was known for its toughness and fierceness. The Invisible Incantation Sword was a theurgy that was derived from the consummation level of the Indestructible Metal Godly Way. It couldn't be destroyed so easily!

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