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   Chapter 2755 Zen's Arrogance

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The wind rushed by making a soft whirring sound like a propeller blade.

Zen had flashed through several layers of fire curtains and stopped in front of Laquisha in the blink of an eye.

He stretched out his hand and, in a flash, got ahold of Laquisha's head.

"No. 9527! It's up to you!" This thought rolled around inside Zen's mind.

Both Laquisha and Aleyna were the puppets of Samuel, meaning that they were the products between the human and the puppet.

Their souls might still be intact, but their Memory Flames had disappeared.

They only had small fragments of the Memory Flames. The memories were chaotic at best, and there were only glimpses of different cultivations. What had made them who they were was gone. They had no more personality. They were mindless, lifeless puppets.

The only way to help them restore their memories was to force their Memory Flames back into their souls.

Before that could happen though, they had to be rid of the choppy memories in their souls and escape from Samuel's control at the same time.

Zen did not have the knowledge to perform any of that, so he had to hand that task off to No. 9527.

The moment Zen had taken hold of Laquisha's head, No. 9527 entered her mind.

Laquisha's soul was floating quietly, curled up into a ball.

Behind her soul there was a pale yellow worm crawling along her back. Its face reflected the image of Samuel.

"What's this?"

Samuel's face contorted into a scowl as he beheld the green ball of light, which was No. 9527, surprise flickering in his eyes.

Although he didn't know what it was exactly, he knew it was a threat to him. The surface of the parasite began to emit a soft, yellow light. When the light became almost too bright, it launched a soul attack at No. 9527.

"Go to hell!" Samuel yelled.

The light morphed into numerous soul thorns that spiraled towards the green ball of light.

No. 9527 might be the lowest level as a soul body, and not very powerful, but it was still a part of the Chaos Ancient God's soul. It was easy for it to block against Samuel's soul worm.

This attack with the yellow soul thorns was an extremely powerful move, which would be beyond the endurance of an ordinary consummate True God's soul.

As the thorns reached the surface of the green ball of light,

ng as the pursuers were only the Demi-Holy Beings, Zen felt he might have a chance if he fought them.

"If you find it so amazing, perhaps you could just leave," Zen replied faintly.

A faint light shone from Zen's cinnabar field as he spoke. He would put Aleyna and Laquisha in his inner world.

Once Zen took back their Memory Flames, they would be able to restore their original memories. For now they needed to be in a safe place.

"I think it would be best if you present your hands for capture," said Mathew coldly, as he took a step forward and stared hard at Zen.

The three Demi-holy Beings knew they were strong enough to deter people from retaliating.

All three of them, who were all top-level Demi-Holy Beings, were confident that they would win over a Holy Being let alone Zen. It was almost laughable seeing as Zen had only just reached the consummation of the True God Realm.

"You all want me to present my hands to you, and surrender to capture?" Zen shook his head. "I'm afraid you're not strong enough."

"How arrogant!"

How could anyone expect Raymond to accept that kind of arrogance from a consummate True God? The killing intent swelled in his chest to an unbearable level.

The moment Raymond revealed his killing intent, a ball suddenly appeared above Zen's head with a crackling sound.

With what sounded like a breath from the ball, a Soul Suppressing Sword formed, startling even the Demi-Holy Beings. In an instant it flew towards Raymond.

Unexpectedly, the first Latent Theurgy began to work.

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