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   Chapter 2754 The Truth

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The consummate True Gods were also unwilling to give up.

But they had no choice but to step down as their elders had given the order.

Moreover, Zen was far more powerful than them and they were no match for him.

In the end, Rachelle had no choice but to go back.


A purple fire sword streaked across the black water and shot towards Zen explosively.

Laquisha was launching consecutive attacks on him.

Zen twisted his body abruptly but the purple fire sword still followed his movements.

As he lifted his body upwards, the purple fire sword brushed across the black water as it lost its target.

As the unearthly purple fire touched the black water, it immediately went out and disappeared.

"The black water..."

Zen watched the scene unfolding in front of his eyes and grew more cautious.

He knew perfectly well how deadly the unearthly purple fire from Laquisha was. It could burn almost everything.

Especially after Laquisha's cultivation base had improved greatly, it could not only burn the Nine-head Snake, but even light up the lava sea in the Abyss Demon Region.

But yet it got put out after touching the black water.

What was that black water? How could it put out the fire?

Just as Zen was considering the question, a cold voice rang from behind him. "You have been to the Reincarnation Land, haven't you?"

asked Laquisha.

As Laquisha, Aleyna and Pascal had combined as one, they could fly faster than Zen, and the distance between them and Zen was gradually shortened.

"Yes. So what?" Zen replied coolly.

"What did you see in the Reincarnation Land?" asked Laquisha.

Zen turned his head and looked indifferently at Laquisha who was not far away. "Why should I tell you?"


Laquisha's face hardened with a trace of coldness and she pinched her fingers together slightly.

Next to her, Aleyna and Pascal activated the huge array in the center at the same time.


The unearthly purple fire branched out like vines in the air and turned into a large purple fire array which shrouded Zen.

Zen's instinct was to dodge, but it happened too fast for him to do anything.

"Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!"

With Zen trapped, Laquisha, Aleyna and Pascal separated from each other

and stood on the three important positions of the purple fire array.

"Even top-level Demi-

f True God Realm.


Zen's body drifted slowly in the unearthly purple fire. When he came out, he was unharmed.

His body was shining with golden light, making him look like a Buddha statue plated with a layer of gold foil.

Despite being in two different locations, Samuel on the Desperation Plain and Laquisha standing right opposite Zen, both had the same reaction, which was to stare with wide eyes. They were dumbstruck by the impossible scene.

Only then did Samuel vaguely remember that Alfredo had once reported to him that Zen seemed to have a body that was unaffected by fire, but he hadn't taken it seriously as Zen was merely a low-rank True God at that time.

He had chosen to control Laquisha, Aleyna and Pascal because Laquisha had the unearthly purple fire.

He had made use of the power given to him by the Stone Mouse to urge the three of them to reach the consummation of True God Realm. After that, they could even kill the top-level Demi-holy Beings if they worked together with the help of Laquisha's unearthly purple fire.

But now they met this man who was unaffected by the unearthly purple fire at all, and their biggest advantage was gone.


After rushing out the purple fire, Zen went straight to Laquisha.

Laquisha reacted quickly and only took a step back, while Pascal and Aleyna took a step further. The three of them used the Dragon Trapping Array to fight against Zen.

However, what made their array so powerful was the purple fire. Since it didn't work on Zen, they could do nothing to trap him.

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