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   Chapter 2753 The Black Water Area

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Forming a special array, the three members of the Han Clan went into formation, with Laquisha in front, and Pascal and Aleyna standing on each of her sides.

All three of them moved exceptionally fast, approaching Zen quickly when he was stopped by the Nine-head Snake.

When he was still in the Reincarnation Land, Zen learned about Samuel's secret and that the Memory Flames of these three had been erased. Looking them now, he knew that they were not the same people he had known about.

Glancing at them, Zen had no intention to stop.

Now his enemies were only these three people from the Han Clan. If he hesitated a little longer, he would end up battling with not just the consummate True Gods, but also the Demi-holy and Holy Beings.

Though he wanted to help them to regain their original memories, he realized that now was not the right time to do that.

Zen smoothly evaded the nine huge heads of the snake like a feather and then escaped far away. Seeing him flee like a thief angered the Nine-head Snake.

And since it couldn't catch up with Zen's speed, it decided to release its anger on the approaching members of the Han Clan.

Roar! The huge creature let out an angry cry.

Facing the direction where Laquisha and the two others were fast approaching, the creature opened the mouths of all of its nine heads at the same time, spitting out some blood balls.

Leading the way, Laquisha's eyes flashed with a purple light, while a softer purple light suddenly flashed in the magic array they formed.

Aleyna's and Pascal's internal momentum was thoroughly gathered by this magic array, merging with Laquisha's.

"Purple fire sword!"

It was a magical joint-attack array which Samuel himself created.

After connecting their minds together and cooperating with the magic array, they found that their joined strength increased several times!

Seeing the blood balls spewed out by the Nine-head Snake flying towards them, Laquisha formed a purple fire sword in her hand and waved it gently.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Held in her hands, the sword quickly split into dozens of smaller swords floating in the air.

These smaller swords flew in all directions. Some swords penetrated the blood balls and burned them to ashes, while most of them directly attacked the Nine-head Snake.

With its huge body, the monster moved very slowly and was unable to dodge.

In a blink of an eye, the small swords that Laquisha released penetrated its entire body.

While each sm

no choice.

As he hesitated for a little while, he could already hear a sharp whistling sound coming from behind him.


A spiraling purple fire sword came straight for Zen. It was Laquisha, launching an attack across a distance of tens of thousands of feet.

Zen rolled in the air, easily dodging the fire sword. Spreading the lightning wings, he then entered the black water area ahead.

Without any hesitation, the three members of the Han Clan continued to chase after him.

Soon after, Jayden, Mathew, Raymond, Rachelle and the rest arrived. Their faces became serious when they saw the black space.

"What is this damned place? The water is so black, and I can see no signs of life," Jayden said with a frown.

After all, they were in the Abyss Demon Region. The forbidden land had a lot of dangerous places. Even if they had a high level of cultivation base, they still had to be very careful most of the time.

"It doesn't matter," Rachelle said, thinking about how far Zen would've been now. "We shouldn't let that brat escape from us."

"If you enter this place carelessly, you might end up dead sooner." After thinking for a while, Mathew added, "Rachel, why don't you guys go back first? We'll take care of the matter and chase after Zen!"

In the eyes of the Demi-holy Beings, Rachelle and the other young warriors had the opportunity to inherit the Abyss Demon Region. It would be a pity if they lost their lives here.

Moreover, they strongly believed that the three of them were enough to deal with Zen.

After coming up with a decision, the three Demi-holy Beings rushed into the black water area leaving the rest behind.

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