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   Chapter 2752 Pursuers

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The Desperation Plain had become quite the chaotic place now.

The Holy Beings might have been currently fighting a fierce battle, but they had a great advantage in the overall situation.

In spite of the latter, they were clear on the fact that it wouldn't be as easy when it came to taking the Abyss Demon Region down.

Seeing as the fiends were willing to fight here, it was obligatory that they had their preparations made in order to meet contingencies.

Nicholas pinned down Gallio as he quietly observed the whole situation.

After Rachelle had given him a warning, Nicholas had equally discovered Zen.

When he noticed Zen, his mind was immediately filled with confusion and questions. 'This guy is simply too amazing! He could enter any damn place he desires!' he thought to himself, his heart sinking heavily.

He himself had led a group of Holy Beings into the sixth stage, and had experienced a lot of trouble in doing so. It had been quite the challenging task.

He just couldn't figure out how Zen, a mere consummate True God, had come here.

That wasn't to say that Nicholas thought Zen's arrival was a bad thing, though.

One of the main reasons Nicholas was in such a hurry to control the Abyss Demon Region was because he wanted to confront the people at the Other Shore Realm outside the divine land.

If he could catch Zen, then it would be an incredible benefit for him. At the very least, he could get to know the masters of the Other Shore Realm through Zen.

It had only taken a few quick seconds for these crazy thoughts to start relaying each other in his mind.

By moving his lips ever so slightly, he sent a message through his life vitality.

The Dongfang Clan, the Tang Clan and the Mu Clan each had a Demi-holy Being capable of receiving his message.

Upon reception, each of them looked at the north side of the Desperation Plain. They immediately jumped out of battle and flew in that direction.

"These guys are so powerful! Even fiends are no match! Can you believe it?

If only they could kill those fiends!

What a bitter situation this all is! Even Gallio is pressed and beaten by them. Ha-ha!"

The strange fish leaned on the side of the space door and from its position, watched the chaotic battle with interest.

Leland said nothing and kept a calm, casual look on his face.

A few of the Demi-holy Beings in the Desperation Plain were Leland's acquaintances. Although somewhat worried, he still had hope.

As long as the powerful alliance won, he knew he would eventually get through this hard period of time.

He was definitely concerned about Zen, however.

Looking intently in the direction Zen had fled, Leland saw at least seven or eight consummate True Gods chasing after him at a very fast pace. The

slender snake heads, each of which was as bright as freshly polished metal. Facing Zen head on, they all gave off a ferocious aura.

"No fucking way! Nine-head Snake living in the lava sea? This is impossible!"

Zen had no interest, nor did he have the time, to start guessing the Nine-head Snake's origin.

Just seconds before the snake heads had a chance to come at him with their gaping mouths and sharp fangs, Zen swung his sword in front of him several times.

Swish, swish, swish!

As his sword light continued to flash in the air, Zen had already spread his thunder wings and quickly raised himself off the lava, continuing to flee forward.

He had no time to fool around with such monsters.

"Grr! Ow!"

Without any forewarning, the Nine-head Snake in the lava raised skyward and began to howl vehemently. As it did so, it began to extend its huge heads infinitely and rushed directly toward Zen.

The snake heads inevitably moved even faster than Zen could. Three of them even got ahead of Zen, slithering in front of him in order to block his way.

"Damn it!" Zen said under his breath.

"Eight Smoky Melodies!

Truth of Cultivation Nature!" he called.

At that exact moment, Zen's body became extremely nimble. From the air, he shot himself outward in a strange way and swept past the snake heads.

The nine heads opened their mouths to attack but only bit Zen's shadow trailing behind him.

The Nine-head Snake's block a few moments ago had had its desired effect, though.

The pursuers behind Zen seemed to really be catching up now. At least, they were defintely even closer to him than before.

Zen turned around in order to avoid the Nine-head Snake's attacks when his gaze froze. Only then did he realize that two of the people who were apparently chasing him, or so he thought, were actually Laquisha and Aleyna!

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