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   Chapter 2751 Unable To Escape

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The tall space door didn't budge.

"How can this be?" Leland muttered gloomily.

The strange fish shuttled back and forth in the door of space, making rattling noises.

If the Space Law wasn't supporting the door, it would be just an ordinary door. How would it react when the strange fish shuttled back and forth like that?

"The fiend race has probably sealed the door of space," Zen said, frowning.

The alliance of the powerful clans had taken action, but the fiend race must have been preparing for this eventuality for a long time. The moment the Holy Beings entered the sixth stage, the fiends cut off their route of retreat.

Zen's route of retreat was also destroyed.

"What should we do? Can this door of space be reset?" Leland asked.

Zen looked at the door of space and saw that countless, complex array textures had gathered around the door frame.

The Space Law was prohibited in the Abyss Demon Region. It must have taken the fiend race a lot of effort to build a space channel like this. And now that they had cut it off, they couldn't recover it in such a short span of time.

"I'm afraid it can't," Zen said.

Leland and the several other True Gods weren't worrying as much. In fact, as long as the alliance of the powerful clans defeated the fiend race, they wouldn't find themselves in any kind of a dilemma.

But Zen was different.

No matter which side won the battle, he would not have the most ideal of endings.

Zen was deep in thought when Rachelle's clear voice rang out.

"Zen wants to escape from the Abyss Demon Region!"

Chaos reigned as the Holy Beings fought the fiends.

But Rachelle's voice, which was filled with life vitality, clearly reached the ears of everyone in the Desperation Plain.

Rachelle thought that it wasn't difficult to win the battle. Only one Holy Being or Demi-holy Being was enough to stop Zen. Zen was too crucial, even more crucial than the Abyss Demon Region. So she decided to spread the news of his presence at this critical moment.

"Zen? How could he be here?" Rocher was stunned.

Even the alliance of powerful clans had paid a heavy price to enter the Abyss Demon R

appeared on the plain.

Nicholas was standing in the pit. He had just withstood Gallio's attack and his clothes were muddy and torn. But his eyes were full of fighting spirit.

He looked at Samuel and said, "Samuel, your strength is extraordinary, and it's difficult to deal with these fiend commanders. I need your help!"

The moment Nicholas finished talking, he turned into a gust of wind and headed for Gallio at the end of the Desperation Plain.

"Such a foxy guy!" Samuel muttered furiously.

He knew that Nicholas was alert to him. But now, Nicholas, Clark, and Murphy had to deal with Gallio without distractions. This meant it was a great opportunity for him.

However, it was obvious that Nicholas wanted Samuel to stay at the battlefield.

Seeing that Zen was already running towards the left side of the Desperation Plain, Samuel hesitated.

"Catch him!"

Laquisha, Aleyna, and Pascal were also fighting fiercely with the Abyss Demons. They seemed to be one when they worked together and so in tandem.

The three of them had just become consummate True Gods, but their powers were far beyond that of a consummate True God.

But now, the three of them stopped suddenly and stared at the place where Zen was running off. They looked at each other, a look of understanding passing between them. When they fixed their eyes on Zen, they jumped into the air at the same time, and rushed towards Zen at a great speed.

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