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   Chapter 2749 Predicament

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A deafening roar came from the Desperation Plain and echoed throughout the surroundings.

Zen, who had been flying at a constant speed, froze in midair when he heard this powerful sound. His face darkened immediately.

Leland and the other three top-rank True Gods also looked grim.

"Why did you stop? The Desperation Plain is right ahead of us!" the strange fish said, continuing to rush forward.

Zen reached out and slapped the air in front of him. At once, a big lone hand popped out of nowhere and grabbed the fish, dragging it back.

"Why did you grab me? The exit is right ahead of us..." the strange fish complained as it struggled in the big hand.

Zen didn't bother to explain. With a slight movement of his finger, the big hand turned into a large net, trapping the strange fish within it. Then, he slowly floated toward a high mountain in front of him, followed by Leland and the others.

After reaching the top of the mountain, Zen and the others carefully craned their heads to look at the scene below.

"Oh my God! So many fiends!"

"Are they waiting for us?"

"We're doomed..."

the top-rank True Gods cried in fear.

"Do you think we're such a big threat that so many fiends would have gathered here to deal with us?" Leland sneered at them in response.

There were hundreds of fiends waiting in the Desperation Plain. Aside from them, there was also a large number of ferocious beasts with relatively strong auras.

In particular, there was a huge fiend standing at the end of the Desperation Plain which had such a strong aura that it struck fear into Leland's heart. Even Holy Beings would be fearful of such a powerful fiend. Leland knew that there was no way that all these fiends had come here just to deal with them.

"But who on earth is here that all these fiends are on high alert and ready for combat?" Leland muttered.

Zen glanced down at the Desperation Plain, and then stared at the other side, where there was a huge space door.

"The space door will lead to the fifth stage?" Zen asked the strange fish.

The strange fish was now tied up by Zen. It couldn't run around like it usually did, so it settled for nodding passively. "Yes! That's the door!"

Hearing this, Zen used the Reincarnation Soul Weapon once more to probe Rocher's

e commander spoke, he raised a halberd that was crackling with waves of faint red energy.

Feeling the power of that energy, Leland twitched his eyes in nervousness.

This fiend was much more powerful than Begaus, the one they had previously encountered.

The three top-rank True Gods also trembled in fear. They were not at all capable of going against a being this powerful.

Zen, however, remained calm. From the corner of his eyes, he glanced at the space door at the end of the Desperation Plain.

His best bet of getting out of this situation was to sneak away during the chaos when the two parties fought.

From Rocher's memories, Zen knew that the group of people led by Nicholas was very close to the exit of the space channel.

Seeing Zen and his group stay silent, the fiend commander let out a sinister laugh. "You want to waste my time? Then let me finish all of you off..."

However, before he could finish his sentence, there was a flash of dazzling light at the space door. Dozens of powerful auras suddenly burst out through the door. Nicholas had led all the members of the alliance to the sixth stage. The fiend commander naturally shifted his attention to them.

'Now, this is the right time!'

Zen's eyes flashed, and the Shadow Bearing Sword appeared in his hand. His body turned into a beam of light and shot toward the fiend commander.

The fiend commander was quick to react. Seeing that Zen still dared to make a move in this situation, he sneered and brought the halberd down on Zen's head.

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