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   Chapter 2744 Joining Zen

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With an almighty splash, the strange fish was dragged out of the sea of lava and towards the shore.

'This doesn't seem right.'

The fish seemed to think, confused.

It usually didn't get dragged ashore until it almost finished eating the tentacle.

After all, it couldn't escape if the fiends were so intent on catching it.

The fish usually didn't resist. Since there was something it wanted to eat, it chose to satisfy its appetite first.

The fiend who came to catch the fish was usually very patient and would let it have its last lunch.

But this time, it had barely taken a bite when it was dragged up to the shore. How anxious these guys were!

"So soon?"

The Western Sea Monster was also surprised.

Leland smiled and threw away the tentacle in his hand.

It seemed to him that Zen was indeed luckier than him.

The strange fish landed directly on the beach with a plop. It looked around with its strange eyes, and the first thing it saw was the Western Sea Monster.

Its eyes widened in humor. "Western Sea Monster! You? Ha-ha! How did you find the courage to climb out of the sand? You're usually so gutless!"

As it spoke, the strange fish began to sense that something was wrong.

Beside the Western Sea Monster stood several humans.

"Humans? Human True Gods? How could they be here?" the strange fish screamed, its eyes filled with disbelief.

This area was dominated by the fiend race.

It looked like the only reason the human race would appear here would be if they were being controlled by the fiend race. It could be that the fiends ate people.

The strange fish had a vague recollection of the fiends doing something like that before.

Perhaps because the human race was similar to the fiend race, the fiends had been very interested in everything that the humans did or had.

The human flesh was one of them.

But they found it difficult to eat people.

After all, although this fish was rare and was one of a kind at the moment, it would be reborn after being eaten.

It had been eaten hundreds of thousands of times.

It was a kind of food that was inexhaustible.

And the fiends had to go to the upper stages of the Abyss Demon Region to ca


But given its limited abilities, it was near impossible for it to escape.

The human True Gods standing before it seemed to be strong enough, which had it believing that there might be a possibility, however small, of its escape.

On the other hand, if it failed, it would only be eaten again by fiends. It knew its fate was miserable and nothing that happened would be worse than the things it had undergone so far.

"Okay! I'll show you the way out!" The strange fish agreed after thinking for a while.

Zen smiled and pointed at the tentacles, "Have them."

The strange fish, no longer fearful, opened its mouth and gulped down the tentacles.

But as it ate, it still looked at the Western Sea Monster in the distance.

The Western Sea Monster knew that the fish wouldn't give up easily. So it turned and went down the beach. Zen didn't stop it this time. In any case, its goal had been achieved. And now, the key lay in this strange fish.

The strange fish gobbled down all the tentacles quickly. It was not until it finished eating that it said, "Right now, the great fiends are planning to leave the Abyss Demon Region. But they seem to have encountered some difficult enemies. This is an opportunity for us. If you had arrived before this, you wouldn't have been able to leave this place."

"Leave the Abyss Demon Region?" Shock registered on Zen's face.

It looked like the strange fish knew a lot, just as the Western Sea Fish had said.

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