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   Chapter 2743 Strange Fish

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The fiend race could not be counted as a race with countless members. There were only less than a thousand fiends in the entire Abyss Demon Region.

The four fiends in the huge hall were the actual commanders of the fiend race.

If there was a big decision to make, the four fiends would vote for it.

"There is no way I would back you," Stuart said sternly.

His gaze traveled past Gallio and was fixated on a giant mural behind him.

The mural had a depiction of an old man, holding a book. Countless fiends were surrounding this divine citizen.

Right below these fiends were a myriad of True Gods in the divine land.

Just like the divine citizens, the fiends also had their respective faith.

And their belief rested on the ordinary old man, named Roberto Wang, in the divine land.

During his entire lifespan, he hardly achieved any milestones. By the end of his time, he was only a proving godly warrior.

Since he did not break through to the True God Realm, he could not live in the divine land forever.

In short, he was nothing more than a negligible existence in the divine land.

If it weren't for his mundane lifespan, Roberto Wang could not have had such a drastic effect on others.

In all fairness, Roberto Wang had a very mediocre talent in cultivation.

He could only become a proving godly warrior. That was his limit. He did not possess the required talents or capacity to become a low-rank True God.

As time went by, Roberto Wang's lifespan also gradually drew to an end.

But in his last days, he suddenly began to form different legends.

In the meantime, the Sacred race had been wiped off. And the newly born divine citizens were still getting used to their new surroundings.

Slowly, the legends that he made, began to spread everywhere.

The most popular and widespread of these legends was of the fiend race.

This race did not possess a specific surname. Hence, they were named like Gallio, Stuart etc.

But despite this, they possessed a high intellect.

Apart from that, they were physically well built and had a strong addiction to killing.

They lived in the Abyss Demon Region, among all the other evil creatures of the divine land.

Soon Roberto Wang's random storie

tizens had gathered.

The strange fish was constantly eaten by the fiend race over and over again. It had heard a lot of secrets of the fiend race on the dining table. Therefore it knew this race very well and knew it better than any other creatures.

After the enchanted barrier was launched, the strange fish swam in the sea of lava continuously.

Vaguely, it could see a tentacle approaching.

'Wow! They are going to catch me so soon! Are these beasts so hungry?'

The fish was somewhat confused with this situation.

Normally, each time it was eaten, it would be released and left alone for a good period of time.

As a unique ferocious beast, it was an extremely high-level food in the fiend race, which was not something that ordinary fiends could enjoy.

'How can this be possible?

Again? I'm going to be eaten one more time? Isn't that too soon?

Why can't they leave me alone?'

The strange fish resisted that tentacle.

But in the eyes of the strange fish, the tentacle was so tempting, just like the fish itself was so tempting to the fiends.

Anyway, it would be eaten sooner or later, and it could still enjoy the meal before being eaten!

'Come on!'

After a fierce struggle within the fish, it gave in to the temptation and finally bit the tentacle.

At the same time, Zen felt the tentacle hanging from his hand suddenly turned heavy. A smile appeared on his face. "Finally it took the bait!"

Saying that, Zen heaved the tentacle from the sea of lave.

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