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   Chapter 2742 The Great Fiends

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Amidst the thick mist above the altar stood a huge figure.

When the figure slowly retracted his fist, the flat body of the little fiend twisted and resumed his original shape.

"Master, please forgive me!"

the little fiend cried in fear, dropping to his knees on the altar.

At this moment, another mass of blood appeared next to the little fiend. The blood rapidly coagulated and took the shape of another little fiend.

The two little fiends had been refined to death by Clark after being captured by the Holy Beings, so they had been revived at the bottom of the Abyss Demon Region, which was a lot faster than running back from the third stage.

However, the little fiends actually hadn't wanted to come back at all.

Since their mission had failed, the ones who returned first would have to bear the brunt of their master's anger.

"Master, you can't blame us for that. We failed because Wrath came too late. The Soul Devouring Bugs had already started to disperse by then. And after the Holy Beings rushed out of the area covered by the Soul Devouring Bugs, we were no match for them at all..."


The little fiend which had just appeared tried to defend himself, but he was met with a huge fist in response.

The two little fiends were smashed into pieces of meat.

However, this heavy punch was not at all a punishment for the little fiends.

They could not feel pain — at least not in the physical sense.

What the two little fiends feared was that their master would give them other punishments. The fiends had numerous methods of torture. Some of these methods were so sophisticated that they could be called art.

In fact, putting aside their ugly appearances, the fiends had an excellent talent for art.

"Forget it. It was only a test. They are the strongest warriors in the divine land. It's impossible for you to stop them," the huge figure in the mist said indifferently.

"If you knew it was an impossible task, why did you assign it to us?" one of the little fiends muttered in complaint.

Just like the monsters in the Abyss Demon Region had sprung into existence from the negative emotions of the divine citizens, the little fiends had sprung into existence from the negative emotions of the fie

things would have little effect on them.

"I think this is an opportunity for us. We can't always be restricted to the Abyss Demon Region," said Stuart with a look of yearning on his face. "We have thought about this for so many years, and now, finally, we have such a chance. Even if it's a little risky, why don't we take advantage of it?"

The creatures in the forbidden land were fortunate enough to be born strong.

However, it was their misfortune that, regardless of whether they were a strong great fiend or a weak fox, all of them were not real existences and were only illusions!

After the great fiends had become the rulers of the Abyss Demon Region, they had begun to think about how to leave this damned place.

Their goal was to conquer the entire divine land.

However, as creatures of fantasy, they would vanish into thin air the moment they stepped out of the forbidden land. This was an inexorable law that even the most powerful fiends could not overcome.

Still, the intelligent fiends had eventually managed to find a small loophole that would make it possible for them to leave the forbidden land and enter the divine land.

All of a sudden, Gallio burst into laughter.

The two other great fiends sitting with him laughed as well.

"Why are you all laughing?" Stuart asked with a frown.

"Just before you came, we took a vote on whether we should take such a risk. The result was 1 to 2. I lost," Gallio said with a smile. "I thought you would be on my side!"

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