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   Chapter 2741 Hooking

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The Western Sea Monster hesitated for a moment before saying, "That guy lives in lava. It's one of the fiends' most favorite food, but it's too flexible. Usually, my body is used to hook it up..."

"Hook it with your body?" Zen blinked his eyes a few times as his gaze swept back and forth across the beach.

"Yes," the monster answered honestly. Although it was far from human, its features were very natural. Now, the monster's expression took on a look of grievance.

In this area, the monster was considered a kind of low-level beast.

It might be one of the fiends' food, but its biggest function was to lure that thing in the sea.

"Well then, in that case, we can catch it. What do you think?" said Leland.

"I'm afraid you'll have to wait, actually..." The monster said, unexpectedly.

"And why should we wait, exactly?" Zen asked, his brows furrowed.

"Not long ago, that thing was eaten by a fiend. I don't know whether it has been reborn now," the monster said with a light grin.

Every single beast in the forbidden area would appear, over and over again.

This was very similar to the divine might coins, which would appear at the same place time and time again, even after being taking away. The forbidden area was maintained by the Faith Energy, which explained the phenomenon.

The monster, however, was obviously much luckier than the thing in the lava sea. That was a given.

It was safe to say that the monster wasn't quite popular with the fiends. As for the thing in the lava sea though, if it had been reborn, then it would surely be captured and swallowed by the fiends once again.

In fact, the number of times that thing had been reincarnated was actually unknown.

After he listened to the monster, Zen said, "I think that thing might have been revived. I can also give it a try!"

At that, Zen reached both his arms upward and pulled at the air, as if he were tugging on a rope.

With a little trembling and shaking of the surroundings, one of the tentacles buried deep within the sand began to emerge. Zen was pulling it out!

As soon as he grasped the tentacle with his two hands, he shook it briskly. The tentacle shook in the air in a violent whacking motion, before smashing onto the lava sea's surface.

The lava was scalding, and yet, the tentacle was capable of withstanding it with ease.

It only took a few seconds before the enormous tentacle began to sink into the lava sea, slowly disappearing until there was nothing left of it at all.

As Leland watched, he smiled and decided


That said, it didn't mean that the skulls had any actual use for the fiend race. The fiends only took them as treasures, and placed them in their bedrooms for appreciation, almost like the trophies.


Right smack in the middle of the altar was a small round hole.

Out of nowhere, a surge of dark red blood began gushing out of the tiny hole. The blood spread along the lines of the altar and poured into the skulls.

Once these skulls were completely injected with blood, their sunken eye sockets immediately glowed with an eerie red light.

Before long, all the sockets on the skulls were glowing.

Once countless red dots could be seen throughout, a pool of blood began to flood the center of the altar! What the hell was going on?

The blood quickly condensed and suddenly formed into the shape of a human baby.

The baby started to grow from the size of a thumb to the size of a fist. Two small horns suddenly appeared on its head, and its skin turned dark red. Obviously, this was the exact appearance of the previous little fiend who had died not long ago.

"Damn it! The Holy Beings have burned me! They're digging their own grave!"

The little fiend hadn't even grown up yet, and an incredible rage had already appeared on his still slightly childish face.

As soon as he finished speaking, a huge fist suddenly descended from above the altar!


The fist punched the altar straight on, and caught the little fiend between the two, making him turn into a cutlet.

A loud, gloomy voice was next to sound out, "Luring the Soul Devouring Bugs into the third stage was not easy, but you've wasted such a great opportunity. What a group of waste!"

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