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   Chapter 2740 Questioning

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The top-rank True God broke free from the ripped tentacle and quickly fled.

"You want to escape?"

Seeing the huge head sink rapidly into the sand, Zen lifted his sword to strike again.

Although what he was going up against was a ferocious beast in the Abyss Demon Region, it was not a very powerful one.

It would not be difficult to kill it.

Just as Zen was about to end its life with his sword attack, Leland suddenly shouted, "Zen, don't kill it! It's intelligent!"

Although Leland's words fell short of conveying the complete meaning of what he wanted to say, Zen understood his thoughts in an instant.

Ever since leaving the Reincarnation Land, they had moved forward by instinct, completely unaware of where they were.

If they were lucky, they would be able to leave this place and ascend to an upper stage of the Abyss Demon Region.

But if they were unlucky and broke into the lair of some powerful beasts, they would be in real trouble. What they needed the most now was some information.

And if this beast was really intelligent like Leland claimed, they would be able to get some information from it.

Its huge triangular head was spinning madly, rapidly digging a big hole into the sand.

However, its huge size affected its speed as it moved in the sand.

Zen gently floated over to the beast, and then grabbed the tentacles on the back of its head with his hands and pulled it out.


He kicked hard on the lower part of its head.

The head flew, drawing a steep arc in the air before landing on the beach.

"Wow, wow, wow, wow..."

Its big mouth screamed as it rolled around in pain.

Then, determined to flee, it began to spin again.

However, Leland had already followed it to the beach. He gently stomped on the sand, infusing it with a stream of internal momentum.

The sand immediately turned solid and hard, like a slate, with a colorful glow on its surface.

The head continued to spin in an attempt to drill into the ground but to no avail. At last, it gave up.

After Zen landed next to Leland, Leland stared at the head and said, "If I'm

If we really can't leave, we can still return to the Reincarnation Land."

"If we meet the legendary fiends, there is no chance for us to leave this place alive..."

The three top-rank True Gods couldn't stay calm anymore.

Zen frowned and looked at the Western Sea Monster. "Is there any way to go to the fifth stage?"

"I... I don't know," the Western Sea Monster said with a mournful look on its huge face." I really don't know. I've had enough of this place, but I can't go anywhere. In the end, I can only be the food of the fiends!"

Compared to the divine land, the environment in the forbidden areas was menacing.

Even if not for the looming threat of the fiends, the ferocious beasts would fight among themselves; this was something they couldn't avoid.

After all, it was impossible for these creatures to escape into the divine land. Being illusions, they would disappear into thin air if they put a foot outside the forbidden area.

"Since that's the case, there's no need for you to exist," Zen said as he raised his long sword, ready to kill the beast.

In his eyes, these beasts didn't deserve his mercy.

"Wait, wait!" the head said anxiously in an attempt to get Zen to spare its life. "I've heard there's a fellow in the sea who would know the way out!"

"In the lava sea?"

Standing on the huge head, Zen looked at the dark red lava sea and asked, "How can we find that guy?"

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