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   Chapter 2738 Leave

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"The Latent Theurgy is quite aggressive in nature. As long as it feels the massive killing intent from my opponent, it will counterattack without hesitation,"

Zen muttered to himself in his mind.

No. 9527 had however countered and added, "It's nothing. In the Source World, there are some more powerful Latent Theurgies."

"Are there also Latent Theurgies in the Source World?" Zen asked curiously.

"Of course. When some powerful masters protect the juniors of their clans, they would naturally grant these juniors those Latent Theurgies. Some Latent Theurgies will be triggered even just because you have taken a few glances at someone. Such Latent Theurgies are so outrageous," No. 9527 informed him.

"Even a few glances will make one be punished." It was absurd and hearing about it made Zen speechless.

Latent Theurgies were in actual fact similar to protective treasures. Only given the difference that they were more active and could start automatically when certain conditions were met.

A sudden thought came to him about the 'Killing Intent Counterattack', the first Latent Theurgy. It instantly aroused his curiosity.

At that moment, he released another wisp of spiritual sense to explore the next Latent Theurgy.

"Life For The Dead.."

He realized that it seemed to be the same as the 'Revenge' that Leland had obtained. This Latent Theurgy would only be activated once he lost his life.

In the situation where he would breathe his last, this Latent Theurgy would still keep him alive and maintain his current fighting power for a period of time before he actually died completely.

"This Latent Theurgy is the same as the Reincarnation Theurgy in the Life Godly Way," Zen stated with a nod.

The consummate level theurgy of the Life Godly Way was the Reincarnation Theurgy. For the consummate True Gods who cultivated Life Godly Way, the moment they died, their life could be prolonged by creating another body.

However, there was a deterrent condition in activating it. The time for the prolonged lifespan was limited, and they would completely die when the time ran out.

"The next, Wind Cloud Escape..."

Zen's eyes lit up when he saw the third Latent Theurgy.

The Wind Cloud Escape could be advantageous for him during the time he would be in a danger of death. It could force him to teleport for a distance which was a good way to save his life.

But thinking about it, the Space Law was ineffective in the Abyss Demon Region. He wondered if this 'Wind Cloud Escape' could still work in the Abyss Demon Region.

"The fourth one is the 'Exhausting Power'. Once I unleash my full strength, it will work and give me even stronger power!"

"The fifth one..."

"Unfortunately, these Latent

gan to ponder.

Choosing to still stay was not a good solution and indeed a risk.

They pondered that even though their lifespan was unlimited, it was still impossible for them to live in this damned place all the time!

After some time, some people finally made their decision. Three top-rank True Gods chose to leave together with Zen.

As for Leland, he also chose to leave with Zen. He was also afraid of the Abyss Demon Region, but he was after all a Demi-holy Being and had always been confident of his strength.

The group who chose to leave were already decided. There were Zen, Leland and three top-rank True Gods. Zen did not choose to go immediately as they carefully set a plan. It made them stay for a period of time in the place for a while.

It was not until three days later that the group were already set and ready to leave.

They went on their journey and reached the other end of the Reincarnation Land. There was a pitch dark valley.

As they walked through the valley, they felt as if they were walking through a cave. There were no light cast around and the surroundings were indeed engulfed in darkness.

It didn't matter as they continued to move. They were always on guard but at that moment, they felt no danger in the Reincarnation Land.

Five minutes later, they finally arrived at the end of the valley.

A naturally formed stone arch bridge appeared in front of them. Beneath it, the turbulent lava was rolling and surging. They realized that it was a huge lava river.

It seemed dangerous but they paid no attention to the lava below. Their gaze was focused on the other end of the stone arch bridge.

They gradually continued and easily passed through the stone arch bridge. They successfully left the Reincarnation Land as they were ready now to enter the Abyss Demon Region.

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