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   Chapter 2737 Revenge And Soul Suppressing Sword

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After thinking about it for a while, Zen decided to ask the Magical Crow.

Since the Magical Crow had stayed in the Reincarnation Land for a long time, it probably knew other ways to leave this place.

This time when Zen pushed open the door, he wasn't met with any obstacles. Instead, the door opened just a crack with a gentle push.

However, the moment he entered, he heard a ear-piercing rumbling sound.

The internal momentum of the Five Elements Godly Way had circulated and transformed into a five elements array with Leland inside it.

To get a Latent Theurgy, Leland had to pass the test of the hall soul.

Zen stood still and observed him for a while, and then he took a detour on the other side of the hall.

Perhaps it was because Zen had obtained the Reincarnation Soul Weapon, the hall soul didn't stop him.

After entering through the small door behind the hall, Zen found himself face to face with the Magical Crow again.

"Why have you come back?" the Magical Crow asked in a strange voice.

"Is there any other way to leave the Reincarnation Land?" Zen asked.

The reason why Zen had come to the Reincarnation Land was to find out the truth about the Stone Mouse.

Now, through Rocher's memories, he knew that the alliance of the powerful clans had reached the third stage of the Abyss Demon Region. Naturally, he wanted to avoid them.

The Magical Crow, however, didn't know why Zen had asked this question. "The Reincarnation Land is connected to the Abyss Demon Region. The way out of here is naturally through the Abyss Demon Region. What other way do you want to know?"

"We came here from a cave in the Evil Ghost Region. Can we leave through that cave?" Zen asked.

After some thought, the Magical Crow shook its head. "You came here through a one-way transmission array created by three Reincarnation Spirits. That road is irreversible..."

"In other words, I can only leave through the Abyss Demon Region?" Zen smiled bitterly.

"Yes!" Then, the Magical Crow added, "Anyway, with your strength, it won't be difficult for you to leave the Abyss Demon Region."

'It won't be difficult?' Zen repeated to himself in his mind, smiling helplessly at the crow's words.

The Magical Crow must have be

ther Latent Theurgies are mine now."

Hearing this, Leland stared blankly at Zen.

He had broken his back just to get one Latent Theurgy, and it had turned out to be an almost useless one as it would only work when he died. Now Zen was taking away all the other Latent Theurgies?

How was that even possible? As far as he knew, Zen hadn't been put through even a single test.

However, what happened next made him realize that Zen was telling the truth.

The hall soul floated in the air silently for a while, and then nodded. "I know."

Then its arm lengthened again and pointed at the spheres above the remaining seven statues.

Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz!

Seven pale yellow spheres floated slowly toward Zen and hovered over his head.

Each of the nine statues in the Reincarnation Hall had a Latent Theurgy. Gregorio had taken one and Leland had taken another, so there were only seven Latent Theurgies left.

Curious about these Latent Theurgies, Zen raised his head and injected his spiritual sense into one of the spheres.

In the blink of an eye, Zen had already comprehended the function of this Latent Theurgy.

'Killing Intent Counterattack! When someone shows their killing intention to me, this theurgy will summon the Soul Suppressing Sword to launch a counterattack.'

Through his spiritual sense, Zen faintly sensed a soul sword sealed within this sphere.

Though the Soul Suppressing Sword was sealed in the sphere, Zen could feel its terrifying power.

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