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   Chapter 2736 Narrow Escape

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Rocher had been travelling the Abyss Demon Region for years and naturally knew how dangerous this place was.

However, the presence of so many Holy Beings and Demi-holy Beings assured him, Rachelle and the other consummate True Gods that this exploration wasn't going to be as dangerous or difficult.

Who would've thought they'd be stuck in such a situation?

As the little fiend prepared to rush towards him, Rocher immediately waved his hand.

A long purple sword appeared, looking extremely sharp and intimidating.

Its sword intent increased and a sword light shot towards the little fiend.

However, just as he was about to get hit, the little fiend suddenly disappeared!

He reappeared near him and his big mouth was wide-open, aiming to devour Rocher's long sword.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Three, large, vicious bites.

That was all it took for the purple sword, given to Rocher by Nicholas, to get devoured by the little fiend.

After the sword, the little fiend wasn't satisfied and aimed for Rocher's head.

However, as he got near him, that irresistible will was transmitted over again!

Despite wanting to bite Rocher's head, the little fiend couldn't seem to do it.

He immediately hung his head down in despair.

Why couldn't him bite this young man's head off?

At the same time...

Nicholas, who was below the crowd, had gotten near enough and was right above the huge fiend's head.

He gathered a powerful force in his hands and pushed.

Two, black palm shadows appeared in the air and ruthlessly pushed the fiend down.

"Get out!"


There was a shocking, explosive sound.

This huge fiend, called 'Wrath', was immediately smashed onto the soft mud below.

However, Nicholas wasn't yet done.

Not pleased with his handiwork, he patted the ground a few more times.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Each slap was a tremendous force that had to be endured by the fiend.

At the same time, the fiend became bigger and bigger, almost as if he was going to expand ind

se Memory Flames had been stored here for countless years, which meant that there were countless comprehension techniques that were now available to them. So long as they withstood the flames, they could have endless experience in cultivation to comprehend.

This was infinitely more precious than any rare treasure.

These Memory Flames could help them a lot!

Leland, however, was less enthusiastic about it.

He was already a Demi-holy Being, after all.

If he wanted to become a Holy Being, all he needed to do was to pass through the Mountain of Holy Beings.

It was meaningless for him to comprehend other people's cultivating experience. Instead of being entranced by the Memory Flames, he was more concerned with what he could find behind that huge door.

Zen did not stop him.

Leland did not have the Nine Li blood, so he wasn't able to pass the test arranged by the hall soul after entering the Reincarnation Hall. Getting the Latent Theurgy now solely depended on his own ability.

Now, Zen's main agenda was finding out a way to get out of here.

They had entered this place through a cave at the edge of the Evil Ghost Region.

However, some parts of the cave merely existed as an illusion.

There seemed to be only one exit in the entire Reincarnation Land and it connected directly to the Abyss Demon Region.

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