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   Chapter 2731 Staying Put

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Once Samuel hid in the space channel, all the Soul Devouring Bugs lost their target almost immediately.

They crashed into each other, entangled into a thick purple mist, and floated in a frenzy at the entrance of the space channel.

It took a long time for them to leave.

"It is just as Lowell predicted."

"It looks like we can't release any spiritual sense in this place."

"The purple bugs won't harm us as long as we don't release our spiritual senses."

People were relieved as they watched the bugs leave.

Samuel emerged from the space channel after a while.

By this time, the purple bugs had forgotten who their target was and left him alone.

It was obvious that these Soul Devouring Bugs were unintelligent and had a pretty useless memory.

"Thank you so much, Samuel!" said Nicholas gratefully.

Samuel laughed and nodded. "Don't mention it. We must fight at our best together in the Abyss Demon Region."

"That's right. We grossly underestimated this forbidden land before. And now, it looks like we can't survive if we don't work together," Zeke echoed.

Samuel was smiling but his mind was elsewhere.

Logic dictated that the Soul Devouring Bugs wouldn't appear at the third stage of the Abyss Demon Region.

These strange little bugs usually presented themselves at the core of the fourth stage.

There was a special kind of moss in the fourth stage called the Death Tundra that contained a kind of strong soul power called the soul moss. These Soul Devouring Bugs then ate the soul moss.

The appearance of such a large number of Soul Devouring Bugs at the third stage meant that there must be people who were unleashing their spiritual senses to attract these bugs.

Only the fiends in the Abyss Demon Region could probably do this.

They should have noticed the movement of these Holy Beings.

The fiends didn't allow anyone else to control the Abyss Demon Region, and they wouldn't sit still and wait for death.

This was probably the first wave of attacks that they had planned, or perhaps they were merely flying a kite.

The True Gods were unable to release their spiritual senses. To the

t been careful enough, they would have been killed first as they were consummate True Gods.

However, the Holy Beings could not control the forbidden lands. It was a great risk, but they were unwilling to give up.

All they could do was wait. And as long as they didn't release their spiritual senses, they would be safe against the purple bugs.

Two hours passed.

Four hours.

Twenty hours.

Everyone stood still in their places.

They were bored after such a long period of meditation. It was a test of patience for these strong warriors.

On the other side of the Abyss Demon Region...

A red-skinned creature squatted on a rock in the middle of the surging lava lake.

He was only half as tall as the average person and had an ugly mouth, not unlike that of a strange monkey.

Though he didn't look like other fiends that were physically strong, he was a more intelligent fiend.

"The Soul Devouring Bugs might leave if they don't move for a long time," the fiend said, his eyebrows furrowed.

Even the fiends could not command the Soul Devouring Bugs.

It had taken them a lot of effort to get the Soul Devouring Bugs here from the fourth stage.

If the Soul Devouring Bugs failed to find the soul food for a long time, they would all dissipate and return to the Death Tundra.

"How cunning they are!" the fiend sighed and raised an arm. "We can't wait any longer. Let's attack!" he said sharply.

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