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   Chapter 2729 The Purple Mist

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The Space Law was ineffective in the Abyss Demon Region.

Everyone seemed aware of it, but no one was able to explain the reason behind it.

It didn't matter if they were Demi-holy Beings or Holy Beings. Nobody could use the Grand Teleportation technique in this place.

Looking at the space channel, they wondered how it was even created.

Without thinking twice, Nicholas rushed into the space channel first.

Following him, the other Holy Beings, Demi-holy Beings and the consummate True Gods also went into it one after the other.

The members of the Han Clan ended up being the last ones to enter.

'I never expected that this young man from the Dongfang Clan would also find this shortcut. Anyway, if they want to take this path, I'm afraid they will have to pay a bigger price!' Samuel thought to himself.

As a matter of fact, Rocher was not the first one to discover this shortcut.

A long time ago, Samuel had used the same shortcut to escape from the Abyss Demon Region.

It would be safe to assume that among all the Holy Beings in the divine land, Samuel probably knew the ways around the Abyss Demon Region the most.

Looking at the others, he ordered flatly, "Let's go inside."

Floating behind him, Pascal, Laquisha and Aleyna reflected indifference on their faces.

Alfredo, the leader of the Han Clan, decided to stay on the Floating Island instead of joining them in the trip to the Abyss Demon Region.

"Yes!" The three responded in unison.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Turning into four beams of light, they flew straight into the space channel.

The group of over one hundred powerful warriors flew all the way through the long space channel.

Being built in a very peculiar way, strange lights flickered around the long channel, as different colors were carried out by the shadows.

Even the Holy Beings could not decipher the power resonated inside this channel.

"If the Space Law can't be employed in the Abyss Demon Region, then how did this space channel come into being?" Zeke, the Holy Being of the Fang Clan, asked with much curiosity.

"The great fiends are very intelligent. Lurking in the depths of this forbidden land for so many years, they always end up coming up with these unimaginable methods," Jeremiah replied.

Deeply immersed in the internal momentum of the space channel, Murphy suddenly spoke his mind, "Is it possi

a bunch of small bugs!" A consummate True God exclaimed, staring at the 'mist.'

Hearing his conclusion, the rest also stared at the mist and observed.

And he was right!

What initially appeared as a dense purple mist was actually a group of very small bugs. These bugs were much smaller than the grains of sand, and they looked like a mist when they gathered together.

"How disgusting! Let me burn them up!"

Letting out a sneer, Clark waved his hand and flapped out a flame.

In the blink of an eye, the flame quickly spread out, covering the range of tens of millions of feet above their heads, as if it could burn a hole in the sky.

Normally, all bugs and insects were afraid of all kinds of flames. Clark's idea was to burn these small bugs to ashes in an instant.

However, to his surprise, not a single one of them was burnt to death.

The blazing flames continued to spread in the air, but the purple mist around them had not decreased at all.

"What? How can these bugs survive my flames? That's weird!" Clark exclaimed, his eyes widened in surprise.

If these weak little bugs were not even afraid of the flames of a Holy Being, that could only mean they were immune to all types of flames.

"I am unable to spread out my spiritual sense," shouted a Demi-holy Being, panicking.

His concern raising panic among the others, they also tried to release their spiritual sense. Samuel watched them from where he was, the corners of his mouth curling up into a smile.

As their spiritual sense started to spread, the quiet purple mist suddenly started to roll crazily.

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