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   Chapter 2728 Shortcut

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Since Nicholas had made a decision, no one dared to object.

They were having a brief break when the smoke in the distance suddenly rolled up. There was a faint flicker of fire in the thick smoke, accompanied by low growls.

The billowing smoke and the noise attracted everyone's attention.

"Demon Region Fire Spirits. There seems to be a large number of them approaching," one of them said.

The faces of some of the consummate True Gods turned pale.

Demon Region Fire Spirits were special creatures born in fire. They were known to wander in groups and leave destruction in their wakes.

In the Abyss Demon Region, the coming of the Demon Region Fire Spirits was the same as a disaster.

Naturally, any True Gods and even consummate True Gods who saw this scene would quickly escape and find a safe place to hide.

If they were not quick enough, even consummate True Gods would die in the smoke.

"Let me deal with them!"

Samuel, who had been silent for a while, stood up immediately.

"Creatures born in the fire of the Abyss Demon Region? I like it! Leave them to me, Samuel. Ha-ha!"

Clark said. As he spoke, he leaped up and flew toward the sky.

In mid-air, he stretched out his hands and released flames from his cinnabar field.

These flames rolled together into a door of fire.


All of a sudden, three fiery dragons that were a hundred thousand feet long charged out of the door.

These dragons were all different in appearance, but each of them emitted a strong aura.

All these fiery dragons had been raised by Clark for many years using the Elementary Fire Godly Way, and each of them was as strong as a Demi-holy Being. More importantly, they were all from the unceasing fire that Clark had created.

Even if such a fiery dragon was killed, it could still be reborn in his inner world.

From this point of view, it was similar to Holy Beings' reliance on their universes to live forever.


The three dragons flew straight into the billowing smoke, splitting it into three parts.

Although the Demon Region Fire Spirits were powerful, they mostly relied on their numbers.

When faced with the three dragons, they

, where is the shortcut you mentioned?" asked Nicholas.

"It should be around here!"

Rocher slowly descended from the air.

He flew around the lava sea with his eyes sweeping over every inch.

Last time, when Rocher had been chasing a vicious creature, he had accidentally discovered the secret here...

The lava formed surging waves as it flowed, and these waves, in turn, formed vortexes.

But all the vortexes disappeared after barely even spinning⁠—with the exception of one, which always stayed in the same place.

It didn't take long for Rocher to find this vortex.


He held his sword with one hand and stretched his body, the light in his eyes getting brighter.


With a cry, he stabbed at the vortex with his sword.


The vortex was split by an invisible sword momentum, and a hole appeared in the lava sea.

Strangely enough, the lava around the hole didn't merge, which made it possible for a tunnel to be formed. There was stable Space Law being emitted from the tunnel.

When Nicholas saw the tunnel, a look of surprise came over his face. "This path was deliberately left here," he noted.

Jeremiah nodded and said, "It might have been built by some fiend to serve as a shortcut for them to go up from the bottom."

"Very good! Good job, Lowell!" Nicholas flashed a satisfied smile at Rocher.

Rocher put away his longsword, clasped his hands toward Nicholas, and retreated to the side.

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