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   Chapter 2726 Find Out The Truth

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At this time, the Han Clan began to dissolve the Purple Soul Hall because of Joy's disappearance.

In order to prove his innocence to Nicholas, Samuel drove everyone from the Purple Soul Hall out of the Han Clan's Floating Island.

The children of the Han Clan, especially Laquisha, quarreled with Samuel over it and tried their best to stop it, but to no avail.

Soon after that, Samuel requested Pascal, Aleyna, and Laquisha to cultivate in seclusion. The two girls were initially resistant to this but eventually agreed.

But right before they left, Samuel said something puzzling; he stated that during their cultivation, he would help them reach the consummation of True God Realm.

Reaching the consummation of True God Realm was not something that could be decided or learned, even by the members of powerful clans on Floating Islands. It had to be decided by fate.

Even the Dongfang Clan would not dare to say that they could cultivate three consummate True Gods through a short-term closed-door cultivation.

Moreover, at that time, Aleyna was only a proving godly warrior and Laquisha was only a low-rank True God. It was impossible to even think that they could reach the consummation of True God Realm in such a short period of time.

Anyway, the three of them started cultivating in seclusion, and everything went fine for the first few days...until something strange happened.

The last scene in Laquisha's memory was the sight of Samuel appearing in front of her and reaching out his hand toward her forehead.

Before she could scream, her memory came to an abrupt end.


Zen stared at the Memory Flame that danced gently in his hand with a complicated expression in his eyes.

It seemed that to some extent, Laquisha was dead.

As long as someone was alive, their Memory Flame would constantly be updated.

With every second that passed in the Divine Land, a memory would be accumulated in one's Memory Flame.

Regardless of whether a moment revolved around pain, despair, boring cultivation, or an important event in one's life, like weddings or funerals, it would all be added to the Memory Flame in real time.

So in the Reincarnation Land, when no new memories were added to a Memory Flame, it could be said that the owner of that Memory Flame was dead. By this logic, Laquisha, Aleyna, and Pascal were all dead as their Memory Flames hadn't been updated for a long time.

'I wonder what's going on with Laquisha and the other two now, ' Zen wondered with a frown.

Since Laquisha's Memory Flame had stopped updating, he could n

ace for his mother and protected her carefully.

In front of his mother, this man was no longer the overbearing Holy Being that he usually was. He even promised to her that he would find her a body in the Time Sea.

'It seems that my mother is not in danger for the time being, ' Zen thought to himself in relief.

Zen got a general idea of what was happening next with Nicholas.

Then, after learning about Zen's return, Nicholas decided to go with Murphy to the Murphy Universe to test Emily, Timotheus, and others.

It was obvious that Nicholas was already feeling a sense of crisis. He summoned the leaders of the alliance of the rich and powerful clans on the Floating Islands to Goldenrain Hall for a meeting.

From Nicholas's Memory Flame, Zen was able to learn what had happened in Goldenrain Hall.

In Goldenrain Hall, he finally saw Laquisha, Aleyna, and Pascal, who had returned from their cultivation in seclusion.

They had really reached the consummation of True God Realm as Samuel had told them they would.

However, Zen's heart ached when he saw Laquisha.

She was no longer the Laquisha that he knew.

The bodies of Samuel's three children seemed to have become containers that held other people's Memory Flames.

Previously, Zen had discovered that by absorbing the memories in a person's Memory Flame, one could obtain a massive amount of cultivation experience in a minimal time and improve their cultivation level at an unimaginable speed.

However, for Zen, that had purely been a hypothesis. He had never imagined that someone would actually do it!

'Samuel... In order to avenge himself, he has done everything he can, and he has even sacrificed his own children!' Zen sighed.

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