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   Chapter 2724 Refining The Reincarnation Soul Weapon

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 7703

Updated: 2020-03-02 05:03

Since each of the low-rank True Gods had only comprehended the first two levels of a Godly Way, their internal momentum was not complete.

However, Zen couldn't contain his excitement.

The internal momentum of Godly Ways from these low-rank True Gods couldn't light up the Godly Way Tablets in Zen's mind. However, it could light up the scales on the Infinity Ruler.

"The Infinity Ruler!"

The edge of Zen's eyes began to flicker with a faint golden light.

Trying hard to absorb the internal momentum, Zen failed.

"Why can't I absorb the internal momentum of these low-rank True Gods?" Zen wondered, narrowing his eyes.

This place might be a huge illusion, and for some reason, it seemed like the Infinity Ruler was unable to absorb the internal momentum in the illusion.

Zen tried hard to think about this, while the low-rank True Gods started displaying all kinds of theurgies.

In fact, the joint power of a thousand low-rank True Gods was undoubtedly extraordinary. Focusing on dealing with them, Zen dared not let his guard down. He might appear to be outnumbered but his skills would have things in his favor.

Five minutes later, Zen finally killed every low-rank True God who attacked him.

It was a test which was indeed very difficult for ordinary consummate True Gods to accomplish.

Bearing the impact of the Memory Flames would make them under great pressure.

Even the most powerful consummate True Gods, like Troy and Rachelle, would find it difficult. Death would dawn upon them if they were not cautious enough.

But it was another story for Zen. He didn't find any difficulty in the task at all.

The more rounds he experienced, the more relaxed Zen became.

In the last round, he was able to take out three consummate True Gods on his own in just a minute.

"Quack! Quack! Quack!"

After Zen passed the last test, the Magical Crow fluttered its wings and jumped down from the sky towards him.

"With imperial-grade bloodline, you are really so powerful," the Magical Crow said in a sharp voice.

Zen smiled faintly and then asked, "After passing the test, can I rule the Reincarnation Land?"

"Come with me."

Flying to the other side of the space, the Magical Crow flapped its wings and circled along the edge.

On the

lion quadrillion...

There were actually so many Memory Flames in the divine land!

Subconsciously looking at the sea of Memory Flames, Zen confirmed the number of Memory Flames was beyond his imagination.

"That is because of the rule of reincarnation. The creatures will leave Memory Flames every time they die. Just imagine how many creatures have been born in so many years! The total number is simply unimaginable."

"So what's Gregorio's identity after his recent reincarnation?"

Zen began to carefully search among the Memory Flames.

When he had found Gregorio, his eyes flashed. Then, he jumped up and flew over onto the opposite step.

In the face of the sea of Memory Flames, a thought flashed in Zen's mind. In the depths of the sea, an extremely bright Memory Flame rapidly danced.

The Memory Flames of Holy Beings were far brighter than those of ordinary people. This pale yellow Memory Flame belonged to Gregorio.

In the sea of Memory Flames, there were not many such bright Memory Flames.

Without much hesitation, Zen began to read the memories in the Memory Flame.

After he controlled the Reincarnation Land, he could search any Memory Flame.

Theoretically speaking, all the creatures in the divine land were unable to keep secrets from Zen.

A moment later, retreating from the Memory Flame, Zen murmured, "It's actually him! I'm afraid that even Nicholas doesn't expect that after Gregorio was reincarnated, he gave himself a different surname and has become a Holy Being again."

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