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   Chapter 2723 The Test

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"Quack! Quack!"

The Magical Crow croaked as it stood on a golden branch. Noticing Zen's gaze, it said, "Don't you hear me? I represent the Grand Chieftain. As a member of the Nine Li race, you should kneel down to show your respect!"

Zen's eyebrows creased as he asked, "Even a member of imperial lineage has to kneel?"

"You have imperial-grade bloodline?"

The Magical Crow was taken aback by Zen's words. It suddenly let out a weird scream and fell down from the golden branch.

It flapped its wings and flew back to the branch. After staring at Zen for a long time, it pecked at the branch.


A cubic stone carrying a container on it rose from the branch.

It appeared that it was the vessel used to test Zen's blood just now.

"You really have the imperial-grade bloodline. Has the Nine Li race reduced to such a point? Is it necessary for the royal family to personally control the reincarnation? Besides, you keep me waiting too long, don't you?" The Magical Crow continued to flutter its wings while crying out in surprise.

It seemed that it had been locked up here for too long a time.

In other words, it had never left since Chiyou placed it here.

Just like the hall soul, it had been waiting for someone from the Nine Li race to rule the Reincarnation Hall. However, the time it took for them to wait had already been too long.

"All the Nine Li people in the divine land have been killed," Zen revealed in response.

"All of them have been killed? It's impossible!"

The Magical Crow fluttered its black wings and let out a strange scream. Its expression showed a look of disbelief.

"That's true. They were killed by the Yellow Emperor Guards," Zen continued.

"How could this happen?" the Magical Crow mumbled. It constantly jumped up and down on the golden branch.

Zen at this time didn't bother to continue to talk to the bird, and asked directly, "Can we start the test now?"

"What's the hurry?" the Magical Crow complained.

It was already enjoying having its finger in every pie, but the current situation reminded it of its duty. It had to preside over the test.

Urged by Zen, it flew away from the golden branch and floated to the top of the space. Making a move, it spread its black wings and a string of golden light flashed down from the back of its wings.

The test had begun. At this point, the space inside the d

e flying sword.

They had managed to launch various attacks on Zen but he was calm and didn't avoid every bit of them. He just let them attack, but it appeared that their attacks didn't hurt him at all.

After a short while, he had killed all the warriors.

The same scene that happened to the mortals took place once again.

Memory Flames erupted from the bodies of the dead warriors.

However this time, the flames were much brighter than those of the mortals.

After all, a warrior at the Soul Sea Realm could live for tens of thousands of years, so the memories recorded in the Memory Flames were far more than those of a mortal. The Memory Flames of ten thousand warriors at the Soul Sea Realm were much more powerful than those of the mortals.

"Swish! Swish! Swish!"

With so many Memory Flames entering his mind, Zen felt a little pressure.

But he could still handle it with ease.

"The third wave! Quack! Quack!"

The voice of Magical Crow resounded, and the world in front of him changed for the third time.

This time, True Gods appeared in front of him.

He looked around and there were 1, 000 low-rank True Gods.

Zen was under increasing pressure in the face of the attacks of 1, 000 low-rank True Gods.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

In the blink of an eye, he was surrounded by the low-rank True Gods.

Then all sorts of internal momentum surged up.

"These low-rank True Gods cultivate different kinds of Godly Ways." Zen's expression was complicated as his eyes flashed.

The 1, 000 low-rank True Gods cultivated 1, 000 kinds of Godly Ways.

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