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   Chapter 2722 Crow

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Zen stared at the soul of the hall and continued his questions, "Will my tainted blood still be qualified to control the Incarnation Hall?"

"Yes," the soul replied. "If you pass the test, you are still qualified to control the Reincarnation Hall, but you cannot use the Reincarnation Soul Weapon."

"The Reincarnation Soul Weapon?" Zen asked, his gaze narrowing. "What is it used for?"

"The Reincarnation Soul Weapon can wake the Memory Flame of any creature in all their lives," the soul answered.

"Wake the Memory Flame? What do you mean?"

Zen was confused at the soul's words and couldn't make head nor tail of them.

"Yes. It can wake the Memory Flame of any creature in all their lives," it repeated.

But Zen was still at a loss. No. 9527 spoke up, "I see. The divine land has used the rule of endless reincarnation. It looks like Chiyou has placed great hopes on the divine land."

"Endless reincarnation? What's this?" Zen said, surprised yet again. He was realizing that he had encountered an alien domain of knowledge.

"When one creates a world, there are two kinds of reincarnation rules. The first is the one-time reincarnation rule, under which one can only inherit the memories of the previous life, and each living creature has only one chance of reincarnation," No. 9527 continued to explain. "After this chance of reincarnation is used, the Memory Flame will disappear completely."

"What about endless reincarnation?" Zen asked.

"Under the rule of endless reincarnation, a Memory Flame is born every time one dies. All creatures can retrieve the Memory Flame of any of their previous lives," No. 9527 said, smiling faintly. "So in theory, creatures who are qualified to have the endless reincarnation will never die."

"Really?" Zen said, surprised.

"Of course," No. 9527 said. "The rule of endless reincarnation applies to any perfect worlds that the powerful masters have built in the Source World."

Once the most powerful extraordinary creatures had created grand worlds in the chaos, they would then continuously select talents in the grand worlds.

Many geniuses with powerful talents would probably die before they

But according to the rules, I will give you a chance to be reincarnated," the hall soul said.

Zen nodded, smiling.

He didn't want to be reincarnated, which meant that he would have to start everything all over again.

According to No. 9527, the Memory Flame worked to record a creature's past in the divine land.

If that was the case, the Memory Flame that belonged to him might only record his memories in the divine land, and every other memory he had in the universe would probably be wiped out.

But no matter what would happen, he was determined to take the Reincarnation Soul Weapon.

Zen stepped inside the golden bronze door without hesitation.

It was dark inside.


Once the bronze door had closed behind him, a beam of light appeared in the distance, like dawn on the horizon, rising quickly.

The entire place lit up in the blink of an eye, accompanied by a thunderous sound that shook the ground.

"I had wanted to leave a wisp of soul in the divine land to protect my people, but the Yellow Emperor is skilled in tracing souls. It's easy for him to locate the divine land through my soul. So I gave up that idea. In this test, I will represent myself as a Magical Crow. So if you happen to chance upon a Magical Crow, know that it's me!"

Zen looked in the direction from which the voice had sounded, a strange expression taking its place on his face. The voice was coming from a crow with curly fur.

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