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   Chapter 2721 Contaminated Blood

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The first statue took Chiyou's shape.

Zen was very well familiar with it since he had witnessed the same occurrence a couple of times. But it was the first time he had seen the other eight statues.

The eight statues differed in shape.

For instance, the second statue's head was like a bull's. A pair of horns almost took up half of its head. On its back was a double headed axe, making its appearance look fearless.

The third statue's head was like an eagle's. It had wings on its back and a pair of three-pronged spears on its hands.

The fourth statue...

"These eight people's statues are listed beside Chiyou's. Are they the leaders of the nine tribes of the Nine Li race?" Zen muttered and questioned.

The Nine Li race had nine tribes, hence its name. Chiyou was the head of nine tribes, so he was called the Grand Chieftain.

"Yes, you are right," No. 9527 replied.

Zen's eyes flashed as he heard this answer. "How do you know that?"

"Of course I know. My master was very observant in the Source World. After all, the Nine Li race was well-known. How could I not know? But you, Chiyou's descendant, know nothing." No. 9527 laughed.

Zen felt a little embarrassed. Since he didn't grow up in the Source World, he rarely knew anything about it.

"Look at that guy who looks like a bull. His name is Harvey Li. The bull head is not his original appearance, but just a mask. He is so powerful and reckless that he doesn't listen to anybody except Chiyou. The one who looks like an eagle is called Ambrose Li, and the following ones are..."

Zen silently memorized the names of the eight people in his heart as he listened to all the information being said. After thinking for a moment, he asked, "But why are the leaders of the Nine Li tribes here?"

"I don't know. I am a wisp of my master's soul, not Chiyou's. I can't have a full guess of what is in his mind," No. 9527 responded.

Hearing its response, Zen smiled.

No. 9527 had been following Zen for a short time. It appeared to be dull at the very beginning, but the current it already learned and had gained its own personality.

The nine statues were lined up in a row, and right in the middle was a dark passage.

Zen took a step and moved along the pas

Reincarnation Land, but was unfortunately stuck in the last step. He was not even from the Nine Li race, so he was doomed to fail.

The people from the Nine Li race had long perished in the divine land. Even if Gregorio was a Holy Being, it was difficult for him to find the blood of the Nine Li race.

Zen made up his mind and naturally wouldn't miss such a good chance. Without hesitation, he picked up the knife.


The knife was so sharp that it could easily cut Zen's finger even if his body was firm.


A drop of golden blood dropped into the container and kept rolling at the bottom.

It rolled for a long time before it dispersed and disappeared at the bottom of the container.

For a short while, there was a pause.

The soul spoke, "You are a member of our Nine Li race, but your blood has been contaminated."

Hearing this, Zen frowned. "How could my blood be contaminated?"

Back in the universe, Zen's blood had been replaced by a golden one. But despite the blood transfusion, his blood was still pure. As the soul of the hall mentioned that his blood had been tainted, he felt dejected. Why?

"It's because my master's blood has blended with yours," No. 9527 reminded.

A sudden realization came to mind as he remembered that in the Sky Spirit Bone Tower, his body was injected with the blood of the Chaos Ancient God. It was during the time when he activated the Blood Wild Body.

It all made sense. The blood in his body now was not pure.

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