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   Chapter 2719 Kill It

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The Memory Flames surrounded Zen on all sides. They were, however, essentially harmless. They were disembodied entities, but they were not souls. They were the engravings, the marks that etched themselves onto souls to record one's life.

Zen knew he didn't need to take any precautions against these intangible entities.

However, every Memory Flame contained a countless number of memories, and memories were powerful things.

These particular Memory Flames moved like waves, and were chosen personally by the Stone Mouse.

When the Memory Flames washed towards Zen, all the memories they contained entered his soul at once.

In the span of less than a second, dozens of images flooded his soul and his mind, all at the same time.

Desire, power, medicine refinement, remote mountains, the sky...

All kinds of scenes, involving work, daily life, thoughts and feelings, were surging through his soul wildly.

Zen's soul was unable to absorb all of these memories in such a short time, and he felt like his head was about to explode.

The surface of his soul had already started to crack.

If another person had been overwhelmed like this by the Memory Flames, their soul would have broken down very quickly.

As Zen was being attacked by the Memory Flames, the Stone Mouse left and rushed down the steps.

"How careless of you..." whispered No. 9527 in Zen's mind.

As much as it wanted to leave Zen to his own devices, the situation was dire and No. 9527 had no choice but to manipulate Zen again.

Then, under No. 9527's control, Zen kicked his legs violently and his whole body rolled backwards.

"Bang, bang, Bang..."

He rolled until he reached the steps, and then proceeded to tumble down them.

The Memory Flames that had rushed towards Zen couldn't reach the steps. They continued to circle just above the steps before slowly returning to the sea of Memory Flame.

Zen, meanwhile, having tumbled all the way downwards, rolled to a stop at the foot of the stairs.

For a moment, he kept still, lying on the ground and staring blankly at the ceiling as the massive torrent of memories continued to flash across his mind.

"Zen, are you okay?" No. 9527 shouted anxiously.

As the minutes went by, Zen gradually regained his normal senses.

"I'm ok. It's nothing. But it was so dangerous just now. I was complacent, again."

Zen's face betrayed his shaken state. He had not expected the Memory Flames to have so much power.

"That damn mouse..."

Zen immediately stood up and rose into the air. Floating in mid-air, he stretched out his hand and gave it a flick.

A small fire ball rolled right out of his outstretched palm.

The little fireball was flung into the ai

was just following my master's orders! He wants to control the entire Reincarnation Land and won't stand for anyone else to occupy it!"

"Isn't your master Gregorio?" Zen asked.

"Yes! I must warn you that you will never be able to kill me!" squeaked the mouse shakily. "My master will come back soon! You will be the one who is dead by then. I will even erase your Memory Flame, so that you can never be reincarnated!" The Stone Mouse spoke as if it were trying to convince itself of being in control more than it was trying to threaten Zen.

Zen could see right through the mouse's pretense. He smiled. "And what if I manage to take control of the Reincarnation Land?" scoffed Zen condescendingly.

"Squeak... You?" the Stone Mouse said with a disbelieving sneer. "Even my master is not qualified, let alone you!" it exclaimed, its voice becoming more high-pitched with every word.

Zen was suddenly curious. "What qualifications do I need?" he asked, frowning.

"The Reincarnation Land was established specially for the Nine Li race to be reincarnated. If you want to control this place, the blood of the Nine Li race must flow through your veins!" the Stone Mouse answered desperately.

Hearing this, Zen was slightly stunned, but a small, triumphant smile lifted the edges of his lips.

At the same time, No. 9527 spoke, "It's almost the same as what I guessed. The divine land was opened by Chiyou, so he naturally wanted to use it for the reincarnation of his people. But at some point, something must have gone wrong. That must be why Gregorio has owned the Stone Mouse. This little mouse does not serve the Nine Li race. It also acknowledges Gregorio as its owner and follows him loyally of its own will."

"You might be right..." Zen said to No. 9527 in agreement, his mind immersed deep in thought.

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