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Every living being throughout the entire divine land would eventually produce a Memory Flame.

For centuries and centuries, countless living beings had been born into the divine land.

Thus, the quantity of Memory Flames was absolutely unimaginable.

There were so many in fact, that they formed an ocean of flames, floating in front of Zen.

As soon as No. 9527 had finished explaining, a Memory Flame drifted towards Zen.

"Is a Memory Flame equivalent to a soul?" Zen asked curiously.

The theory of reincarnation was very mysterious and unheard of. Zen, on his behalf, was naturally very interested in knowing more.

According to his current understanding, a reincarnation was the rebirth of one's soul, and that was why the memory of the previous life remained.

"No," No. 9527 stated. "Your soul is only your memory's carrier. The Memory Flame is unique proof of a living being, which records a creature's entire life."

"The soul would only be the carrier?" Zen mumbled his question, deeply lost in his thoughts.

Another Memory Flame, a purple one this time, hovered over to Zen. He stretched out his hand and touched it gently with his fingertips.

The Memory Flame had no tactile impression. His fingers brushed up against nothingness, as if it were just a weak spot of light.

As he touched the Memory Flame, a strange feeling quickly spread from Zen's finger, all the way up to his mind.


In a split second, his mind was pulled into the Memory Flame and lost within.

Countless pictures suddenly flashed in Zen's mind one after the next, like a speeding slide show.

It was actually a child's memory being displayed!

The child was born into the Lie Clan.

Three thousand Lie Clan children were sent to cultivate under a Godly Way Tablet, and this child was amongst them.

The child's name was Rohan, and he was only four years old back when he was sent for cultivation. However, his talent in the Elementary Fire Godly Way field was unparalleled. Clearly, age wasn't a factor, at least not in this case.

At the tender and young age of four, he had already become a proving godly warrior and was capable of obtaining the qualification for cultivating under the Elementary Fire Godly Way Tablet.

Needless to say, this child was considered a Lie Clan treasure. He was very precious.

"In one thousand years no less, our clan will definitely be welcoming a new Demi-holy Being!"

"Our clan should recommend him to the Fang Clan and give him permission to cultivate on the Floating Island!"

"Perhaps, with Rohan's help, of course, we'll be crowned as one of the more powerful clans on the Floating Islands!"

The Lie Clan elders had high hopes for Rohan's future. And they had every reason to have such aspirations.

Numerous pictures in the Memory Flame continued flashing in Zen's mind.

Zen could understand all kinds of different emotions felt

Memory Flames were divided into different levels.

The longer a person lived, the more they remembered, and thus, the brighter their Memory Flames would be.

A few True Gods lived for dozens of divine eras, and their memories were countless times larger than those of an ordinary warrior. Such a True God had lived and experienced so much more.

Beneath the Stone Mouse's control, certain bright Memory Flames out in the ocean of countless light spots slowly moved toward Zen!

Zen, of course, didn't take any notice because he was still reading the Memory Flames surrounding him.

Generally speaking, most people's memories were very boring and had no interest to him whatsoever.

After all, the majority of the people living in the divine land were ordinary divine citizens. They had led an ordinary and peaceful life, and had never practiced cultivation at all. What they wanted, and what they had obtained, was a stable and carefree life.

Without the Godly Ways' power, they had no infinite longevity. After their lifespans reached their ends, they quietly died in a corner of the divine land without saying a word or bothering anyone.

"This Memory Flame's owner died in the Soul Wilderness!" Zen stated to himself in surprise.

The Memory Flame that he inadvertently fell upon was from a consummate True God of the Mu Clan.

This man had explored the Soul Wilderness a whole fifteen divine eras ago. Back then, Estelle hadn't controlled the Soul Wilderness yet.

The man eventually died in a fierce competition within the forbidden land.

The moment Zen snapped out from the Memory Flame, the Stone Mouse's eyes were quick to gleam with cunningness.

At the same time, No. 9527's consciousness sent him a message, "Zen! Watch out!"

In the ocean of Memory Flames, countless bright Memory Flames were gathered into a river. Out of nowhere, the river flow began to speed up and it was headed directly for Zen!

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