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   Chapter 2717 Memory Flames

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After its last revival, the Stone Mouse had been at the mid rank of the True God Realm.

Back then, even Master Evil couldn't be a match for it, and his body had been effortlessly destroyed by the powerful creature.

After another rebirth, the Stone Mouse's cultivation level descended once again, and it was now at the low rank of the True God Realm.

Another different thing was that Zen, who had been a proving godly warrior back then, was now a consummate True God.

As soon as the Stone Mouse approached him, Zen reached out in one swift motion and caught the mouse in his hand.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

The Stone Mouse struggled desperately in Zen's hand, its body rolling up and snapping at Zen's fingers.

One of the Stone Mouse's theurgies was that it could move freely through everything. Back then, Zen's body was already strong, but it still couldn't resist the mouse.

If Zen's finger was bitten by the Stone Mouse, it would be torn off without difficulty.

Of course, Zen would not allow such a thing to happen. There was no way he would risk any part of his body; not even a single finger.

He caught the mouse by its tail and shook it slightly. Before its mouth could reach his fingers, he swung it to the other direction, away from his flesh.

No matter how hard it struggled, it couldn't do anything but swing whichever way Zen wanted it to, like a puppet with strings attached to its limbs.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

After a few more attempts, the Stone Mouse finally gave up and started screeching in despair.

With its scream permeating the air and echoing off the invisible walls around them, seemingly a call for help, rustling sounds suddenly came from all directions in the darkness in response.

Countless green spots of light appeared from the haze of black, followed by the shadows of numerous huge mice.

"These big mice, strictly speaking, are not the same type of creature as you, right?" Zen asked with a knowing smile, looking at those huge mice.

Since the Stone Mouse was a one-of-a-kind true spirit, it was a unique existence and, naturally, it was impossible to have a companion of the same kind.

However, it seemed to at least have the power to summon these big mice.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

The huge mice, seemingly stupid at first, all started squeaking after they saw Zen at the altar.

Their eyes shone bright red w

y to enter the Reincarnation Land, as the Abyss Demon Region was another way, albeit a treacherous path to take.

But despite its difficulty and danger, the Stone Mouse firmly believed that its master would definitely find it again one day!

With the mouse's guidance, Zen left the altar and walked into the darkness.

After he advanced several thousand feet, a row of low stairs appeared in front of him. He slowly climbed up the steps, and after two to three hundred steps, he felt a powerful aura emanating ahead.

The aura was quite similar to that of a soul, yet Zen knew it was impossible for one's soul to be so powerful.

"What's on the steps?" Zen asked curiously.

"You'll know it when you reach the end," the Stone Mouse said.

It didn't take long for Zen to finally get to the top of the stairs. As he looked down, he saw millions of orbs floating in the void in front of him. His eyes shone with wonder. The orbs created a huge ocean of light.

Even the stars all over the sky paled in comparison to this magnificent sight before him.

"What is this?" Zen asked with his mouth slightly open, taken aback by the sheer beauty of the lights.

"They are Memory Flames," No. 9527 explained to him before Zen could force the mouse to answer. "The first condition for reincarnation is to get your Memory Flame. The Stone Mouse is technically the manager here, the one that makes sure everything is as it should be. This is why even though it died, its cultivation and memory would never disappear. Anyone who wants to be reincarnated needs its help to find their Memory Flames."

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