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   Chapter 2716 Repeat The Same Fate

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Just as Zen stood up and had taken several steps, a huge figure suddenly appeared not far away.

The figure was discreetly moving slowly in the darkness, but No. 9527 still had sensitively noticed it.

It didn't take a while before two small dark-green spots emerged from the darkness. It turned out to be a mouse as tall as a man.

"What a big mouse!" Zen cried out in surprise looking at the figure that suddenly appeared.

As he was currently manipulated by No. 9527, he abruptly stopped and stood still.

The mouse lightly crawled over drawing close to a top-rank True God. Once in a close distance, it held him up and dragged him into the darkness.

Since all his senses were sealed off, the True God had no idea what was happening with his body.

Even if the big mouse chewed him up, he would still not know.

What a pity to die like this!

Once targeted by the big mouse, Zen would probably suffer the same fate.

His corporeal body was still much stronger than the other True Gods' bodies. It was even sturdier than Leland's body that perhaps it would be possible that the big mouse could not chew him, and he might have a chance to survive.

However, it was still obviously unrealistic to pin hope on this.

"This mouse is not intelligent. It won't eat you for the time being," No. 9527 comforted Zen as it sensed the latter's worry.

In the meantime, it still continued to control Zen's body with a slow movement.

"Do you know where this mouse comes from?" Zen asked curiously.

"It must be arranged by the person who has occupied the Stone Mouse. The Hallucinatory Fragrance can only make the illusion, and can't kill people. After these persons' six senses are sealed, they can only be eaten by the big mouse," No. 9527 continued to guess.

"Most likely..."

No. 9527's inference might reasonably explain some of the problems.

According to the changes around the place, it was not an easy thing to guess what had actually happened.

While moving and taking a few steps, they noticed that in the distance, there were a few dark-green lights emitting in the darkness for the second time.

"They are coming!" No. 9527 cried.

Zen's body once again stiffened. He had no other choice but to stand still.

For now, his location was very close to the altar.

From the darkness, another group of three big mice slowly emerged. Two of them did not hesitate to move forward and grabbe

it didn't work," Zen muttered.

"Not really. Look!" No. 9527 sent all the scenes it felt to Zen.

The Stone Mouse's corpse would not rot at all, because after all, it was a magical creature.

After the mouse's corpse landed on the altar, its soft hair started to fall off bit by bit. Its body gradually started to rot.

Then in the blink of an eye, the dead body had turned into a pile of bones.

The white bones immediately decayed as cracks appeared. Soon after, the bones finally turned into a pile of dust and sank into the altar.

The altar had then begun to rotate in a slow motion.

After it rotated for three and a half circles, a faint orange light straight away emerged from its center.

Swish! Swish...

At this moment, Zen suddenly felt that the restriction currently sealing his six senses disappeared.

He felt dizzy for a moment but he slowly felt that his senses of touch, smell and hearing were all back!

Just as his control on his body was back, the Stone Mouse on the altar also came back to life. Without any warning, it threw itself at him.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

Hatred was evident filling its bean-sized eyes.

It aimed at Zen's cinnabar field.

Zen had once been bitten by a Stone Mouse when he just entered the divine land.

At that time, the Stone Mouse had successfully gotten into his body. But it had struggled being eroded to death by Zen's chaotic energy.

Even if the memories of its previous life flashed to mind, instead of learning from it, the Stone Mouse seemed to undergo and experience the same fate as soon as it had just been reincarnated.

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