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   Chapter 2715 The Hallucinatory Fragrance

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Nobody could escape from the erosion of the Lethal Fire Magma.

At the final moment, Zen's mind went totally blank.

He was already being pummeled into darkness, even before he could recall the hits and misses of his life.

One thing was clear. If his soul diminished, that was the end of his time in the world. There was no returning back.

There were many legends revolving around death in the divine land. One such was that if a person died, he or she was destined for hell, namely the Abyss Demon Region.

It was said that the Abyss Demon Region had eighteen layers, filled with fiends and monsters. Almost all of the incarnations of fears would automatically reveal themselves in the Abyss Demon Region.

'Harold said that the Stone Mouse knows the secret of reincarnation, ' Zen thought.

'Then, Gregorio, who is supposed to die, is still alive.

If that is the case, then the Abyss Demon Region may be the place of reincarnation.

Then it shouldn't be a coincidence that the body of Stone Mouse showed up on the edge of the Abyss Demon Region.'

'Wait! Why am I still thinking? Am I not dead?'

If one's soul was completely destroyed, he or she would lose the ability to think.

As soon as this realization dawned on him, a glimmer of hope lit up in his heart.

But despite the hope, he could hardly move his limbs, nor speak, see or even smell. Except for the small strand of consciousness, he seemed to sense nothing at all.

Suddenly, a thought communicated with him.

"Zen, are you okay?"

"Is that you, No. 9527?" Zen was more than happy to communicate with No. 9527. "How are you coping?"

Technically, if Zen's body was eroded, the sclerite on his chest and No. 9527 should have been burnt.

He didn't expect that No. 9527 could even communicate with him so freely.

"Of course I'm fine. What should I be otherwise?" No. 9527 answered in astonishment.

Its answer left Zen even more baffled. He said, "My body has been burnt to ashes. The sclerite where you are in should have been burnt as well."

There was no way Zen could save himself, even if he used two Promises of Absolute Beginning.

Once he entered that cave, it would be the end.

No. 9527 was silent for a while before c

looking around. Both Leland and Jalen lay on the ground motionless, like corpses.

It thought for a while and said, "Maybe I can pass on my sense of the surroundings to you. Let me try."

As soon as it finished speaking, Zen could feel its consciousness.

When his soul was connected with No. 9527's consciousness, he could clearly see the surrounding environment in his mind.

It was a dark world that possessed nothing.

But not far away, Zen could see a small altar, on which the statue of the Stone Mouse was placed.

This altar seemed different from the one he had seen before. There were tiny wisps of cyan smoke that slowly floated around it.

Zen thought for a while and then asked, "No. 9527, is it possible for you to control my body? I want to have a closer look at the altar."

Zen had a strong feeling that the key to the current problem was located on the altar of the Stone Mouse. But since he was detached from his senses, he couldn't do anything.

No. 9527 didn't seem to have any problem in doing so.

"Let me try." Without much hesitation, No. 9527 poured its own consciousness into Zen's mind.

After a while, Zen was able to get up. But he still felt unsteady.

As soon as he got himself into upright position, he lost his balance and fell to the ground.

"I'm sorry. It's my first time to take control of a human body," No. 9527 said apologetically.

Again Zen slowly got up and groping in the darkness, he unsteadily walked towards the altar.

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