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   Chapter 2711 The Lethal Fire Magma

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The four-legged Earth Ghosts had terribly bitten Cameron.

Half of his chest, neck, and arm were all gnawed off.

When it all happened, he thought he was doomed.

He also thought that Zen had intended to kill him when he saw his palm coming for him. After all, he had been rude to him before.

It was beyond his expectations that Zen could shake off the four-legged Earth Ghosts in just one forceful swing of his hand.

"You… You…" Cameron stared at Zen for a while.

While Zen was rushing forward, he waved his right hand and threw a light green pill right into Cameron's mouth.

As soon as the pill melted in his mouth, the deep wounds on his body healed quickly. His skin and flesh regenerated.

He was quite grateful to Zen.

He didn't expect that some seemingly wicked stranger would save him from potential death.

As he looked at Leland and the other True Gods running in front of him, a sense of disgust suddenly emerged in his heart.

Upon discovering the abnormal phenomenon in this place, he immediately reported it to Leland.

Leland had promised him a reward if he could find something valuable inside the cave. When he was in deep trouble, however, his companions did nothing to save him.


The four-legged Earth Ghosts moved at an unusual speed on the cave walls. Even if Zen flew through the cave, he was unable to get rid of them.

"Look! There are a lot of Earth Ghosts behind!"

Cameron told Zen with a terrified face as he heard more hisses from hundreds of black Earth Ghosts that were pouncing on them from behind.

Zen no longer needed to hide himself. He could feel and see around him through his spiritual sense without even looking back.

"The Gods Killing Sword Array!"

Four invisible force fluctuations spread out, which immediately turned into four invisible swords that hovered around rapidly.

"Power Shaping? Are you a consummate True God who mainly cultivates the Might Godly Way?"

Cameron's eyes were wide in shock upo

e water in the Time Sea. They could turn even the Holy Beings into ashes. How could they get past it?

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

Three top-rank True Gods who were unable to dodge were immediately cut through by a stream of Lethal Fire Magma.

The Lethal Fire Magma resembled sharp arrows and left fist-sized holes on their chests.

Such injuries were not fatal to the top-rank True Gods.

But around the holes on their chests, there was still some Lethal Fire Magma left.

They looked at each other with horror in their eyes.

"Help! Help! Who can help me?" one of the True Gods frantically wailed.

"Pull the Lethal Fire Magma out of your body!" someone shouted.

But no one dared to help them.

The presence of the Lethal Fire Magma could undoubtedly cause death.


The small bit of Lethal Fire Magma that remained on their bodies instantly ignited, turning into balls of green flames that quickly enveloped the three top-rank True Gods.

In just a split second, they all vanished.

Their bodies, souls and inner worlds had been burnt to nothingness, turning into green streams of Lethal Fire Magma, and flowing into the gaps between the soft stones on the ground. .

If there was anything in the world that could resist the power of the Lethal Fire Magma, it must be the layer of soft stones.

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