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   Chapter 2710 The Disappeared Space Law

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Leland's group was high alert to the four-legged Earth Ghosts around them.

But when the cave shut them in from above, they were surprised to see a person jump out before them.

Taking a closer look, the stranger turned out to be a consummate True God. How strange, they thought.

"Who are you? How dare you follow us?" Leland snapped, glaring at Zen.

As a Demi-holy Being, Leland had cultivated his soul to the Soul of Light—his voice was laced with soul pressure, bearing right down on Zen.

He wasn't expecting Zen to be seriously harmed from it, but he was hoping to at least make the man dizzy.

But Zen only remained still, giving no response.

The eerie reaction had made Leland kind of scared.

If they were still on the ground, Leland would have taken action without hesitation.

But they were now in a dangerous place. The walls were densely covered with four-legged Earth Ghosts. And Zen looked like no ordinary person—it didn't seem wise for Leland to make the first move.

While they were traveling, Leland had been aware of some kind of presence in the cave—he could sense that someone was following them, but wrote the feeling off as an illusion.

"I'm not following you. You only happened to be a step ahead of me," Zen replied calmly.

"You're lying! I discovered this cave myself a long time ago. I've used a magic array to cover it up—you're obviously following us." Cameron, a top-rank True God accused him coldly.

With that, Leland and the other True Gods turned hostile.

But Zen merely shrugged, not caring to defend himself.

He was well aware that the cave had something to do with the Stone Mouse.

Harold and he had found the abnormal phenomena there first.

But he didn't think it necessary to mention that fact to these people.

"Leave him alone. The cave has sealed us in. We'd better find a way out of here first!" Jalen exclaimed, keeping a careful eye on the Earth Ghosts.

After the cave sealed them in, the Earth Ghosts began moving.

After a long moment of examining Zen, Leland turned toward the depths of the cave, unwilling to leave just yet.

The situation seemed too complicated. He wasn't going to break out into a vio

en and Cameron were the first to run down.

Seeing that the group of True Gods had led the escape, Zen took a step forward and followed closely behind them.

But as soon as he rushed over, dozens of four-legged Earth Ghosts pounced on him.

"The Eight Smoky Melodies!"

With a thought, Zen's body became light enough to float naturally as he drilled through the cracks between the demons.


"Damn it!"

Just then, the two top-rank True Gods before Zen were surrounded by the Earth Ghosts, including Cameron who set up the magic array earlier.

Soon, they were bitten off into pieces—it was a horrible sight.

"Help!" Cameron snarled furiously.

The other one was already dead—half of his head had been feasted on by the four-legged Earth Ghosts. There was no chance of his survival.

While Cameron cried out for help, all the other top-rank True Gods were busy running for their lives. How could they even think about running back to their deaths?

Leland, Jalen, and the rest didn't have the slightest intention of helping him.

Hearing Cameron's shrill cries, Zen furrowed his brows as he floated in front of the struggling man. He gathered the force in his palm and laid a heavy blow on Cameron's chest.


The force entered Cameron's body without hurting him.

As he shuddered, the force spread out from his body, dispelling all the four-legged Earth Ghosts that were attacking him.

With that, Zen grabbed him and fled.

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