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   Chapter 2707 Arrival

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The Cyan Tree Clan felt deeply indebted to Zen for driving away the Mo Clan. As a result, they zealously invited Zen to visit their clan.

Zen refused them firmly but politely.

His original intention was to completely absorb the internal momentum of the Godly Way Tablets, then leave as soon as he achieved his goal.

But he had met Lucille, and his natural instinct was to protect her.

The old man of the Cyan Tree Clan understood how Zen felt and did not pester him to go with them. He led his clansmen back into the forest after they had thanked Zen sincerely.

"I still want to comprehend the internal momentum inscribed on the Godly Way Tablets. Meanwhile, you can try to cultivate this Energy-gathering Poison Skill. I will send you back to the fairy palace right after I absorb the internal momentum," Zen told Lucille.

Lucille nodded her head a bit then sat down cross-legged.

As she looked on, the other twelve poisonous warriors started to excrete the poison as soon as they obtained the copies of Energy-gathering Poison Skill.

The Life Godly Way Tablet was very tranquil. Instead of attacking people with its internal momentum, it cured any living beings that approached it.

In contrast, the Cyan Wood Godly Way Tablet was more volatile in temperament, almost equally so with the Thunderstorm Godly Way Tablet. It had taken Zen a significant amount of time just to approach this Godly Way Tablet.

After five minutes, Zen had already finished the absorption of internal momentum from the Cyan Wood Godly Way Tablet and he returned to Lucille's side.

Lucille was in a state of meditation...

He noticed that she had expelled a large quantity of toxic miasma.

When the dark brown poisonous miasma had been excreted from her body, it immediately pooled into the ground surrounding her and formed a striking black circle.

The same phenomenon had also happened to the other poisoned people.

'It would be best if I send her back to the fairy palace directly...' An idea suddenly popped into Zen's mind.

It had not been long since he had left the fairy palace. If he returned now, it would not be easy for him to leave immediately.

Lucille had already been to the fairy palace once. If he sent her back, Augustus and Joy would be able to take care of her needs in the fairy palace.

The mountain token materialized in his hand the moment he thought of it. He immediately activated the token and pointed it at Lucille.


The disruption in space caused by the mountain token abruptly roused Lucille from her trance.

"Zen, you..." Lucille was surprised by this turn of events.

"I'll send you back to the fairy palace. Please don't resist," Zen told her softly.

time, it was a kid of butterfly with a ghost face on its wings.

He had killed some of the butterflies with his Thunderstorm Godly Way, but eventually, he had no choice but to teleport again.

After a few unpleasant encounters, Zen finally reached the eastern area of the Evil Ghost Region. This was where the border of the Evil Ghost Region and the Abyss Demon Region was located.

"This is the Abyss Demon Region." As he floated in midair, Zen could only stare blankly at the scene before him.

There was a huge crater in front of him.

The deep crater seemed endless, its borders extending farther than the eyes could see. After all, the entire Abyss Demon Region had annexed several large regions.

This scene was familiar to Zen as he had seen it before through the Stone Mouse, but it shocked him more when he saw the scene with his own eyes.

Dark green smoke rose up from the bottom of the abyss, permeating everywhere.

Although the space in the forbidden area had been sealed, his nostrils were still invaded by the pungent smell of sulfur contained in the smoke...


The edge of the deep crater kept collapsing inwards.

The Abyss Demon Region was still expanding at an alarming rate, continuously eroding the land of the Evil Ghost Region. If it kept up such speed, it would completely engulf the Evil Ghost Region in a few divine eras.

Some people had even dared to predict that if the expansion of the Abyss Demon Region would continue uncontrollably, it would completely occupy the entire divine land.

Zen looked around him and found himself in a bit of a dilemma.

The corpse of the Stone Mouse only gave him a vague picture of the place. Logically speaking, he had already reached his destination, but where could he find the Stone Mouse after it was reincarnated?

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