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   Chapter 2701 Mistaken For The Enemy

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The Godly Way Tablets had always been regarded as cultivation resources in the divine land.

And apart from a tiny number of the three thousand Godly Way Tablets, the rest of them were controlled by all sorts of forces.

The Thunderstorm Godly Way Tablet was under the control of the Fang Clan, which had a powerful Floating Island above the Time Sea. No outsiders dared object to this.

But a few Godly Way Tablets were occupied by some first tier and even second tier clans.

Other clans were envious of the profit that the Godly Way Tablets had brought. It would obviously cause disputes. Wars, even.

A few hours later...

The jungle that had seemed so endless to Zen disappeared suddenly, replaced by a mysterious grassland.

Lush green grass grew at an incredible speed, and then withered and turned yellow just as quickly. And then, from the dead grass, new grass continued to sprout, and the cycle repeated over and over again.

The entire expanse of this grassland constantly turned from green to yellow, and yellow to green in a circle.

"Ordinary grass usually flourishes and withers once every year. But the grass here flourishes and withers so quickly!" Zen muttered as he stared at the grassland.

This looked magical, but on second thought, Zen understood the meaning of all this.

This place derived its power from the Life Godly Way Tablet. The grass grew faster than normal since it was driven by the life force. This was also why it reached the end of its life ahead of time and withered rapidly.

Not long after he walked along the grassland, a huge cyan-colored stone tablet appeared in the distance.

This powerful life force was so strong that it was showing its effect on Zen even from such a distance.

On the other side of this first stone tablet, stood another huge stone tablet. It was the Cyan Wood Godly Way Tablet, and on the other side of this Cyan Wood Godly Way Tablet stood a row of lush trees.

These two Godly Way Tablets were only a thousand feet apart.

Zen wasn't surprised. The Infinity Ruler had created a scene that lingered in his mind, in which the two Godly Way Tablets were close to each other.

Zen had previously thought that if these two Godly Way Tablets were to have people guarding

the mess that these fallen trees had created, with people constantly flying past them.

These people were fast, and they used the Wood Invisible Theurgy of the Cyan Wood Godly Way to blend in with the trees. But they still couldn't escape Zen's perception.

Zen glanced over the forest with his spiritual sense and was surprised. Thousands of True Gods were hidden in there. It looked like it was a big clan.

Zen didn't want to kill too many people and commit a sin for no reason. He only wanted to teach these guys a little lesson.

But just as he turned around to approach the Godly Way Tablets, a voice from the jungle sounded out. "The warrior sent by the Mo Clan is too powerful! Let's fight it out with all our might! Form the Cyan Tree Array to suppress him!"

The moment the voice had faded away, bits of cyan light shot up into the sky. The True Gods hiding in the forest had collectively released their internal momentum.

These streams of internal momentum connected with each other and formed a mysterious array.

The forest was now integrated into one whole with the connection of the internal momentum and had now turned into a huge beast.

Zen was finally a little flustered, now that he was facing the pressure of the surging internal momentum. According to what he had heard, it seemed that he had been mistaken for the enemy that the Mo Clan had sent here.

Zen was not afraid of the Cyan Tree Array. But he knew that once the opponents formed an array, it meant trouble for him.

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