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   Chapter 2700 Heading South

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Iris had always done and accomplished what Rocher asked her to do throughout all the years that passed.

But she was not completely blind.

From the time Rocher entered the Floating Island and until he rose in fame, she had always felt that her husband had a plan.

She might not be clear about his true standpoint or intention, but that didn't mean that she couldn't figure it out.

"Dongfang is only my last name... I only have you in my eyes. You are my everything and know that I will always stand behind you," Iris said firmly.

Rocher stared at his wife, looking pained and conflicted.

He had always been determined and had never doubted his belief.

But now, his perspective seemed to crumble and he began to doubt his motives.

The woman standing in front of him was the wife he had always been with. But he was working for a Holy Being he had never even seen before.

The boundary between right and wrong in his heart started to blur. Maybe it was a better choice to stay in the Dongfang Clan and work for Nicholas?

Rocher shook his head and threw such unrealistic idea out of his mind.

"Only the Holy Beings, Demi-holy Beings, and consummate True Gods are allowed to go to the Abyss Demon Region," Rocher uttered softly.

The transmission gates leading to the Abyss Demon Region were already sealed, so no other True God was allowed to enter.

"If you go and ask for the permission of Holy Nicholas, he will make an exception," Iris still urged.

Rocher still shook his head and explained, "The Abyss Demon Region is too dangerous. I can't protect you!"

"But..." Iris still wished to strive for the chance to go with her husband.

However, Rocher wasn't willing. He swiftly pulled her into his arms and whispered, "Let's drop it. I will definitely come back!"

In his eyes, the situation had not progressed to that stage.

The Godly Geniuses weren't gathered yet, and Harold had not personally made his move.

For the meantime, he only needed to follow his plan. If there was a chance, it would be best if he could take control of the Abyss Demon Region. He had hoped that he could get rid of the fate of death by taking advantage of the Abyss Demon Region!

At the outermost part of the Swirl Forest...

A one thousand-foot long black python was moving rapidly.

It soon wrapped its body around a thick trunk. Preparing for a move, it suddenly opened its mouth, and rushed towards another figure. It was Zen!

Zen was well aware of the black python's movement but he just stood still, showing no in

d were scattered throughout the land.

Harold's goal was to find the Godly Geniuses back from the vast divine land.

On behalf of the Gu Clan, Hallet went to meet the Moon Clan in the Hidden Tree.

The Sword Clan already had an agreement to ally with Harold and although they didn't completely go against the alliance of the powerful clans on the Floating Islands, they had made their attitudes clear.

And now, the only task remaining to accomplish was to know the attitude of the Moon Clan.

After using the Grand Teleportation several times, Zen quickly crossed the Cyan Demon Region.

Next to the Cyan Demon Region was the Wind Wood Region.

He swiftly entered the Wind Wood Region. Looking around, he noticed that the place was covered with lush greenery.

The whole world was full of vitality. The plants he saw around were so lush that it was beyond his imagination.

"What a strong life force...

So that's how it is. There are two Godly Way Tablets in the middle of the Wind Wood Region. They are the Life Godly Way Tablet and Cyan Wood Godly Way Tablet.

The area covered by the internal momentum of these two Godly Way Tablets is not very large, but it is enough to affect the entire environment of the region..." Zen muttered to himself as he scanned the area.

Without hesitation, he directly moved towards the two Godly Way Tablets.

It was not an easy thing to collect the Godly Way Tablets of the three thousand Godly Ways. During his journey to the south, he had seen a lot of Godly Way Tablets in the large regions along the way.

As he headed to the south, he naturally wouldn't miss the opportunity to absorb the internal momentum in the Godly Way Tablets.

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