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   Chapter 2699 The Participation Of Samuel

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This time, Nicholas was determined to gain control of the entire Abyss Demon Region. He had already gathered so many Holy Beings and consummate True Gods for this purpose.

Inviting the Han Clan was already unnecessary considering the clan's ambiguous attitude and stand in the whole matter.

Laquisha floated to the front of a high platform and stared at Jeremiah. "Uncle Jeremiah, it was my fault for destroying the engagement, but to be honest, Langston's talent is too poor and he isn't really a good match for me!"

As soon as she finished speaking, she quickly retreated and flew towards the consummate True Gods below. She held onto the arm of one of them and leaned into his shoulder. She looked up at Jeremiah and gave him a smile. "Uncle Jeremiah, don't you think this consummate True God and I are well-matched?"

This consummate True God was Cedric Leng and was also Jeremiah's most excellent son.

Cedric couldn't help but freeze when Laquisha leaned onto his shoulder.

It was extremely rare for a girl to become a consummate True God, even among the powerful clans on the Floating Islands. When Joy and Estelle broke through and became consummate True Gods, they had a lot of trouble fending off countless pursuers who professed their love for them.

Later on, Rachelle also reached the consummation of True God Realm.

However, it was already well-known that Rachelle was very ambitious. She had no intention of finding a man and showed disdain for married life.

Laquisha, on the other hand, was both beautiful and elegant enough to make people fall in love with her at first sight.

Her curly hair smelled so good and Cedric couldn't help but feel an immediate attraction towards her.

Jeremiah was quite surprised at Laquisha's actions. "I have said that if the Leng Clan and the Han Clan were to forge an alliance, then the best way to do it was through marriage. I was willing to go for such an arrangement before but the current circumstances are not ideal for a wedding right now. We are slated to go to the Abyss Demon Region in half a month and I don't think we'll have enough time."

Samuel and Jeremiah had made an agreement for Laquisha and Langston's marriage in order to forge an alliance between their clans.

With this marriage, the Han Clan would automa

ter leaving Goldenrain Hall.

He lived in a small, separate, white jade palace which was a luxury since most True Gods were eager to have such a place on the Floating Island.

He opened the door and was suddenly greeted by a tight hug from behind him. A woman in plain clothes had rushed over and held him tightly.

"What's wrong, Iris?" he asked, gently stroking the woman's arms which wrapped around his waist.

"Can I go with you?" Iris asked.

Her soft voice stunned Rocher but a trace of determination appeared in his eyes. "Iris, you remember our rule."

Iris was not allowed to interfere with his affairs.

She had kept this promise for years. After entering the Floating Island, Iris would merely stay in the palace and did not go anywhere.

No one exactly knew where Rocher went and what he did, much less Iris.

After a moment's silence, a trace of sadness appeared on the young woman's face.

"Don't be willful," Rocher said, getting her arms off him before turning around with a smile.

Iris stared at him and shook her head. "But you promised me that you would take me with you forever. I'm scared that you might not return this time!"

"How come?" Rocher asked with a laugh, rubbing Iris's nose.

However, there was no hint of humor on her face. She trusted her gut feeling on this matter very much. "Even if I know you will do something bad to our Dongfang Clan, I don't care. You can't leave me alone!"

Rocher's heart skipped a beat and a trace of panic appeared on his originally calm face.

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