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   Chapter 2698 The Call

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"Leyton, right now, the divine land has almost hit the bottom. It's extremely desolate even compared with the chaos," Zavier said with a giggle. "It's completely meaningless to use the Yellow Emperor Magatama."

Leyton didn't take his words and didn't listen but instead, he said to Hamish, "Do as I say. Don't miss any chance."

Hamish was considered to be the weakest among the five Yellow Emperor Guards. The rest had more or less alienated him, but Leyton had always taken good care of him.

Now that Leyton tasked him something important, he nodded and said, "I will do as you ordered."

When he was on his trip to the Lofty Tree in the north, some people on the Time Sea had already begun to move.

Most of the True Gods of the alliance of powerful clans had been exploring the Abyss Demon Region during the past ten years, so they had a further understanding and knowledge about it.

However, their actions were at the expense of the lives of their peers.

There were countless talented elites in the powerful clans, but it was a fat price to pay. They would be torn apart by the monsters lurking around the Abyss Demon Region if they weren't careful enough.

Many True Gods of humble birth grumbled and were discontented with this current situation.

In the past, the members of the alliance of powerful clans could freely go to the Everest Spirit Mountain and the Swirl Forest. These two forbidden lands were extremely dangerous, but they could get countless divine might coins while ensuring their safety in the places that they were familiar with.

But more than ten years ago, Harold appeared. He suddenly came forward and forbade them to go to the Everest Spirit Mountain.

The worst thing that happened was, just few years ago, the Swirl Forest was sealed.

The purpose for sealing the Swirl Forest remained a mystery to them. They didn't even know who had ruled it.

As a result, they could only go to the Abyss Demon Region, and the risks there were known to increase exponentially.

Despite the risks, as long as they were careful enough and didn't enter the second stage of the Abyss Demon Region, they would still get a lot of treasures. After all, the Abyss Demon Region was the biggest forbidden land.

But now, it was said that even the Abyss Demon Region had also been sealed.

"Have all the transmission channels leading to the Abyss Demon Region been closed?"

"Why is the Abyss Demon Region also sealed? Could it be that someone h

ishment on their faces.

The two daughters were Laquisha and Aleyna, and the son was Pascal.

The three of them had followed Alfredo with a stiff, indifferent and blank expression showing on their faces.

Ten years ago, Pascal, Laquisha and Aleyna had been ranked first or second among their peers in the Arena of Legends.

Of all the disciples of powerful clans on the Floating Islands, they were considered the most gifted people.

Reaching the consummation of True God Realm was undeniably not an easy thing to achieve.

Only a few had made it. Zen was one who had been successful in a span of ten years, which quite surprised other consummate True Gods. And now, there came three consummate True Gods of the Han Clan!

When was it so easy to cultivate consummate True Gods?

Samuel cupped one hand in the other and said respectfully, "I'm glad that my daughters and son have made great achievements in martial arts. Now that you are going to conquer the Abyss Demon Region, I'd like to ask for an opportunity. Would you give me this opportunity, Holy Nicholas?"

Before Nicholas could utter a response, Jeremiah shook his head and said, "I'm afraid we can't trust you."

Samuel had planned to unite with the Leng Clan by marriage. He wanted to join the alliance of powerful clans through this way.

But because of Zen's appearance, Langston of the Leng Clan had a big conflict with Laquisha. The result was that their marriage was cancelled.

This time, Langston had just become a top-rank True God, while the two daughters of the Han Clan had reached the consummation of True God Realm. This turn of events had quite upset him.

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