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   Chapter 2697 Yellow Emperor Magatama

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In the northern side of the divine land...

After passing through the Dark Rise Mountain and crossing the north boundary, one would reach the North Star Region.

Once a very prosperous and big region, the North Star Region produced many strong warriors. It was a place with many outstanding talents.

But in the recent several divine eras, it had become a dead zone.

The death aura emitted by the Lofty Tree killed all the living beings in the North Star Region. Due to its lack of use and maintenance, it slowly collapsed.

In the midst of the surging death aura, Hamish quietly descended.

As soon as he landed, the death aura gathered from all directions like a hyena that just found its meal.


Suddenly, Hamish's body shook slightly, and an invisible force spread out from his body. The deathly aura that had gathered together then began to disperse.

He then looked into the distance. The Lofty Tree, which was as high as three hundred and thirty thousand miles was partly visible from where he stood.

After locating the tree's position, Hamish activated the Grand Teleportation and moved towards it.

After a while…

Hamish appeared on the biggest branch right at the center of the Lofty Tree.

Countless dark red silk threads spread throughout that branch and wrapped four giant crimson spheres.

Inside each sphere was a faint shadow of a person.

"Hamish, has something happened in the divine land recently?" a cold voice from one of the spheres said.

Hamish gently cupped his hands towards each sphere and replied, "This time, we are certainly in trouble."

"Trouble? That Harper has been cursed and is trapped in the Sunset Tree. That woman named Lorena is on the verge of dying. She only has a head left. What kind of trouble can't you solve in the divine land?" A daunting voice came from another sphere.

"Yes, you're the only Other Shore Realm warrior left in this vast divine land. You manage the entire divine land by yourself. And still, you caused us trouble? You're such a waste!" A scornful speech was heard from another sphere.

The red spheres were the Mixed Element Seals that Harper had cast.

All the Mixed Element Seals relied on the Lofty Tree. They needed the life force they got from the tree to maintain the spell of the seals.

Therefore, the Mixed

ntrol of the Abyss Demon Region… Do those Holy Beings have the confidence to accomplish this task?" asked Leyton Pang.

Hamish thought for a while before he answered, "Right now, Nicholas has almost ruled the Time Sea. With so many Holy Beings doing the job together, the chances of success are high."

Zavier Pu heaved a deep sigh and said, "Even if the seals are removed, I'm afraid that it will not help. We don't stand a chance against the five-star Nine Li Guard."

Hearing his words, everyone fell silent, even including Leyton Pang.

Indeed, even if the Mixed Element Seals were removed, the five Yellow Emperor Guards wouldn't be able to do anything but escape.

Even the strongest among them, Leyton Pang, was only a three-star Yellow Emperor Guard. The gap in terms of strength was a stretch.

After a while, Leyton Pang stated flatly, "We still have a chance."

"How?" Hamish asked curiously.

"Use my Yellow Emperor Magatama to turn to chaos for help. We can gather the nearest Yellow Emperor Guards to come and help," he replied.

A strange expression crept on Hamish's face upon hearing Leyton Pang's suggestion.

The Yellow Emperor Magatama was a necessary token for all of the Yellow Emperor Guards. Through its power, they could summon each other in times of need.

However, it only usually happened in the Source World.

Using the Yellow Emperor Magatama to gather the other Yellow Emperor Guards in the vast chaos?

The possibility of its success was so little that it was practically insignificant in the matter.

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