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   Chapter 2695 Gregorio Yue

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Joy looked at the mouse corpse closely. It looked familiar but she couldn't quite remember where she had seen it.

Meanwhile, Zen had no intention to directly answer Augustus's question, but instead, he threw him a question of his own. "Gus, do you still have some puppets? The ones that can transform?"

He was considering giving Master Evil a puppet he could use for the meantime.

It would be impossible to cultivate with a puppet's body but the puppet made by Augustus would no doubt be powerful since he inherited his skills from Bromley.

Zen's question stunned Augustus. "What kind of puppet do you want? Do you want to use it to become a mouse or a snake?"

"I want it to become a human being!" Zen answered, his voice tinged with impatience.

Instead of clarifying things, Zen's answer simply confused Augustus even more. "Are you going to use it yourself?" he asked. He had a number of puppets but it wouldn't be of much use to Zen given his current strength.

"A friend, a mid-rank True God, will use it. He has lost his body and is just in his soul form right now," Zen explained.

"I see. Alright, I got it," he answered.

After a short while, a human-shaped puppet appeared in the middle of the hall.

The puppet was about ten feet high and looked very powerful. It had eight swords in its back and was covered from its neck down to its arms with countless traps and arrays.

Zen quickly scanned the puppet from head to toe and sensed several strands of internal momentum emanating from it.

"This is my masterpiece. It's strong enough to help defeat a top-rank True God and fast enough to run away from a consummate True God," Augustus said, beaming with pride at his work.

"It kinda looks a bit weird. Don't you have any that looks more normal? It would be better if the puppet looks as normal as Saul," Zen said.

Saul's body looked very real, having been made by Bromley's skilled hands.

Zen's request had Augustus rolling his eyes. He stretched out his hands and patted the puppet lightly.

The puppet then began to morph. Its ten-foot-tall body shrank until it was as tall as a normal person.

Its traps and arrays were also now skillfully hidden.

"Is this enough?" A

the man.

"You have just been released by Zen, right? Why was your physical body destroyed?" Augustus asked curiously.

"Well, this matter has something to do with the Stone Mouse," Master Evil said, staring at the Stone Mouse's corpse on the ground.

"Stone Mouse? You mean this mouse?!"

Joy exclaimed in shock. She was still trying to figure out the mouse corpse's origin when she heard what Master Evil said.

She finally got an idea when she heard the name Master Evil used to call the mouse.

Even Augustus was shocked and his gaze wandered onto the dead mouse.

"Joy, have you heard of the story of the Stone Mouse?" Zen asked.

Joy nodded. "It's a one-of-a-kind true spirit, very famous. I have heard of it. In the past, Gregorio Yue of the Yue Clan became a Holy Being with the help of this Stone Mouse. It is said that this mouse keeps the secret of reincarnation of the entire divine land."

Zen's eyebrows rose. "The secret of the reincarnation?"

Back in the universe, he heard of something related to reincarnation. Some living beings were able to experience rebirth and carry the memories of their previous lives.

However, none of these legends had ever been confirmed.

"The Stone Mouse was very famous in the past. It kept Holy Gregorio company all the time and was said to be even more powerful than a Holy Being. The Yue Clan was also very powerful since it was the only great clan that was qualified to compete with Nicholas," Joy told them.

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