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   Chapter 2693 Got Together

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As Zen began to recite the Truth of Cultivation by heart, he allowed himself to be completely immersed in a natural state, both his body and soul extremely relaxed.

"Drip! Drip!"

He was so at ease that he could hear the sound of dew rolling off the leaves, the buzzing of the mosquitoes and flies, and the noise the grass made when it was swaying in the wind.

At the same time when he merged the Godly Ways, he had also made slight progress in the Truth of Cultivation Nature.

Zen had grasped ninety-nine percent of the Truth of Cultivation Nature before. If he could break through the last obstacle, then he could begin to cross the Sea of Truth.

The problem was, such an obstacle wasn't that easy to surpass. In fact, he had not yet succeeded since he left the divine land.

After an entire day…

A surge of extremely powerful energy emerged in the center of the green lake.

The energy waves continued to spread, causing the once calm lake to tremble and roll like boiling water.

Sensing that kind of change in the atmosphere, the creatures that surrounded the lake scattered in different directions.


As Zen gently flipped his hands, a ball of extremely thick energy slowly discharged from his cinnabar field.

The moment he drew out the ball of energy, the lake under his body sank.

"I have succeeded in merging the internal momentum again!" Zen exclaimed with a joyful look on his face.

After all, Zen had merged it once before. Compared to his previous experience, he felt that the difficulty in merging all kinds of internal momentum in his body had been greatly reduced.

Now that Zen had stepped into the consummation of True God Realm, the internal momentum released from the Godly Tile was purer and the Ways-blending Energy was more powerful.

"The Truth of Cultivation Nature has reached a new level as well. With just one more step, the Truth of Godly Way would reach the consummate level. I wonder how it feels like to cross the Sea of Truth," Zen muttered.

Just as Zen descended deep in thought, a water arrow suddenly sprung out from the lake under Zen, directly charging towards him.


The water arrow moved extremely fast. At that moment, Zen was still circulating the Truth of Cultivation Nature, and he only slightly turned his head to the direction where the water arrow

ey, Freya, and Imogen.

When they heard that Zen had returned, they came out of the training tower.

In the fairy palace, Geoffrey stood in the hall dressed in a long pale purple robe, with a precious belt tied around his waist.

He had definitely matured.

He had a slight resemblance to Zen, but his temperament was softer. With smart eyes, Geoffrey looked at Zen.


Over the years, they seldom got together. Zen felt a little guilty about that.

Every time they reunited, he was always thrilled to see how his son had grown, which was always a surprise.

Back then, Geoffrey begged for a chance to wander around the divine land. After only ten years, he had followed Letitia's and Lavender's improvement and had already become a proving godly warrior.

Zen thought that it wasn't going to be long before Geoffrey could become a low-rank True God, especially with the guidance of consummate True Gods and a Demi-holy Being in the fairy palace, apart from his own extraordinary talent.

If Harold could help him change his blood, then he should be able to step into the divine land without needing the protection of the fairy palace.

"Daddy, how I've missed you after all these years! Do you miss me?" Geoffrey asked as he blinked his eyes. There was a hint of sadness in them.

Hearing his son's words, Zen even felt more guilty in his heart. He replied, "Of course, I do!"

"Have you brought home a gift for me this time?" Geoffrey chuckled. The sadness in his eyes went away and was soon replaced by a cunning and greedy look.

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