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   Chapter 2692 Emily's Confidence

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The Other Shore Realm was a cultivation realm, and it especially referred to the creatures that had stepped onto the Other Shore.

The strength of two Other Shore Realm warriors could be quite different.

Being a Yellow Emperor Guard, Hamish was considered a powerful person in the Source World.

But in Timotheus's and Emily's eyes, his ability was nothing.

Hamish felt strange about Timotheus' words—he stared at him and asked, "What do you mean?"

Emily smiled faintly and answered on Timotheus' behalf, "Chiyou built the divine land, and Timotheus, a member of the Nine Li race, is a five-star Nine Li Guard. Don't you find it too naive to think you can trade with the divine land?"

The words changed the faces of Hamish, Nicholas, and Murphy dramatically.

They didn't know how Zen managed to invite these mighty warriors.

Because they couldn't deal with the warriors, they intended to instead sacrifice their interest in the divine land to bribe them.

It was a last resort, but much to their surprise, the old man before them was a member of the Nine Li race and a Nine Li Guard.

Timotheus' face was solemn as he said in a deeply stern voice, "The divine land belongs to my clan. If you are smart enough to leave quickly, I will let you go without killing you."

Now, Timotheus and Emily had fully expressed their stands—there was no room to maneuver.

The wisps of souls of Murphy, Hamish, and Nicholas grew silent.

Even Hamlin felt dejected at the moment. It seemed that the people there were truly hostile and he feared for his own survival.

"What if we don't leave?" Hamish asked.

A glint flashed in Timotheus' eyes before he shook his burly body and picked up Hamlin into the air.

An irresistible force then enveloped Hamlin, containing immense power from the Other Shore Realm.

Having been bound by Emily, there was no way for Hamlin to resist Timotheus' attack.

"Crack, crack, crack..."

Hamlin could feel the irresistible force pouring

n lake as he silently circulated the Truth of Cultivation Nature.

The internal momentum in his inner world collided fiercely.

Such was the greatest trouble brought by Ways-blending Energy.

It was no easy feat blending hundreds of Godly Ways perfectly.

Once one of the Godly Ways had changed, the original Ways-blending Energy became extremely unstable. One could imagine what a disaster would come about if unstable Ways-blending Energy burst in the inner world.

This time, however, Zen needed to integrate all the Ways-blending Energy once more after reaching the consummation of True God Realm.

"It's too troublesome. Each time you absorb one Godly Way, you need to integrate this again. It's too inefficient—it won't do you any good even after you merge all of them in the end. To achieve the Godly Ways Great Unity is merely wishful thinking." No. 9527 conveyed its consciousness to Zen's mind. It had long despised the Ways-blending Energy.

"It remains important to me at this stage," Zen simply replied.

The power of mixing Ways-blending Energy and the Emotion Closing Godly way was not to be underestimated. In fact, it was enough to act as his trump card. All that mattered was that he believed his father's arrangement must have some sort of hidden meaning, so he had no intention of giving up.

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