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   Chapter 2691 A Conversation

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Emily knew her current ability. It was just a piece of cake for her to find the target following the spiritual sense.

The moment she disappeared, she had already identified where the spiritual sense came from.

Meanwhile, Hamlin had discovered Emily and the others outside the divine land along his spiritual sense.

After locating their presence, he felt a wave of space above his head.


"What a quick response." Hamlin was absolutely shocked.

Emily suddenly appeared as she stood upright in midair. She looked down at Hamlin, and sneered, "You are a so-called Holy Being, right?"

She was obviously not being haughty towards him.

But the aura emanated from her body still made Hamlin under a lot of pressure.

He felt that the pressure was much stronger than that of Hamish.

Ordinary True Gods would simply think Emily was extraordinary, but Hamlin, as a Holy Being, was keenly aware that he couldn't afford to offend her.

"My name is Hamlin Zhao," he respectfully introduced himself. Both his hands were cupped, making him look rather humble.

He kept telling himself in his heart not to annoy the woman in front of him.

Emily glanced at him coldly. With a flick of her finger, a colorful ring enveloped Hamlin.


Hamlin felt that the space around him was locked, as he was dragged into a space channel.

Meanwhile, inside the green star at the top of the Murphy Universe, Hamlin's companions had sensed something different.

Nicholas and Murphy looked extremely cautious. Through their souls on Hamlin, they sensed Emily's action.

"Master Hamish, do you know this woman?" Nicholas asked.

Both of them felt the same aura since their souls had been attached to Hamlin. The pressure given by Emily was too much!

"I don't know her," Hamish uttered, shaking his head. At this situation, he also felt very cautious. He, who was known to be an expert at the Other Shore Realm, felt burdened. "But this woman is very powerful."

The faces of Nicholas and Murphy immediately darkened as soon as they heard Ha

y powerful warriors at the Other Shore Realm to help him."

Nicholas sighed as he took a deep breath.

Rachelle, at the time in the Time Sea Forbidden Land, had the chance to kill Zen. However, he had personally ordered Troy to stop her.

He had never expected that his own order would bring such a huge hidden trouble. It was truly incredible.

Hamish thought for a moment. He continued to control his soul, and made an offer. "We can give all that Zen can give to you, including the entire divine land. What do you think?"

The divine land contained Chiyou's painstaking efforts, and its own value was extraordinary.

The exiles at the bottom of the chaos had also made countless plans to lay their hands on the divine land. Because of Emily, they could only give up on this idea.

"Give me the divine land?" Emily was slightly stunned, and then looked at Timotheus with a meaningful smile.

Timotheus, Ramzi, Leopold of the Nine Li race burst into laughter. Their laughter gave Hamlin the creeps and made the three figures back in the Murphy Universe feel guilty.

Timotheus stood up. In the face of Hamish's soul, his eyes were filled with killing intent. He rebuked, "You're just an unknown Yellow Emperor Guard. How dare you hand over the divine land? Do you think that the divine land belongs to you as you live in it? Do you even know who built the divine land?"

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