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   Chapter 2690 Drill

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Hamlin volunteered to go, surprising Nicholas quite a bit.

The other Holy Beings heaved a sigh of relief.

With their universes, Holy beings could not really be killed. But there were always unprecedented factors that led to accidents.

When Nicholas led people to chase after Lorena, some of the Holy Beings fell into the Lethal Fire Magma and perished. Lorena had somehow cut off the Holy Beings' connection to the universes for the time being, meaning that their deaths were absolute without any chance of them being reborn again.

Now, the people they were to face were those from the outer world. No one knew what sort of theurgy they had.

Going ahead meant taking great risks.

"If you're willing to go, that's good. I swear to ensure the safety of your universe!"

Nicholas said in a serious tone. Because Nicholas had promised to ensure Hamlin's universe's safety, that meant securing Hamlin's very life, as well as the position of the Zhao Clan above the Time Sea.

Hamlin smiled at that. "Holy Nicholas' words always count. I have no more worries!"

"The sooner we go, the better. Let's set off now," Hamish said flatly.

In spite of his calm demeanor, Hamish could feel the anxiety in his heart.

As a powerful master at the Other Shore Realm, Hamish had always believed that the Yellow Emperor Guards had full control of the overall situation.

So long as the Mixed Element Seal was removed, it meant the freedom of his many fellowmen—it wouldn't be long until they could take down the divine land.

But when he suddenly heard of the arrival of someone from the outside world, an ominous sense of foreboding filled his mind.

He was eager to confirm the people's strength and stand, so he needed to see for himself.

"The space channel they built has penetrated my Murphy Universe. I think they should be at the very top. Hamlin, you can reach there through my Murphy Universe. If you don't mind. I'll create a space channel first. Hamlin, Nicholas, and Master Hamish, follow me," Murphy suggested.

A universe could only accommodate three True Gods simultaneously. Such was the number Nicholas had set after modifying the ru

At the center of this colorful ring were high-speed spinning space waves—they formed an enormous spatial spiral, constantly drilling into the restriction barrier in space.

She had held this position for a long time.

Timotheus, Ramzi, Leopold, and the female warriors of the Snake Goddess race remained sitting cross-legged with their eyes shut.

Breaking through the restriction barrier was undoubtedly a time and energy-consuming act—they were prepared for the long haul.

"Master, you've been holding on for over half a month. We can take over," said a Snake Goddess warrior at the Other Shore Realm.

Emily only smiled faintly in return. "This is nothing. I will feel nothing even after doing this for a year or so."

"But we also..." The warrior trailed off, a strange look appearing on her expression.

Simultaneously, Timotheus, Ramzi, and Leopold opened their eyes.

They felt a faint wisp of spiritual sense spread over them.

"Who is spying on us?" Leopold said, knitting his brows.

"It's merely a consummate True God… No… this person is stronger than ordinary consummate True Gods," Timotheus added.

"Hmph. No matter who it is, we'll find out after I catch the person. Cecelia, take my place and continue working!" Emily sneered and disappeared from where she stood.

Cecelia, the powerful warrior at the Other Shore Realm, then replaced Emily and continued drilling into the restriction barrier below.

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