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   Chapter 2689 Accepting The Task

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Some of the best resources in the divine land were present at the Floating Islands.

Through the forbidden areas' entrances on the Floating Islands, all sorts of resources were continuously sent to the divine land.

Hence it was no surprise, that over the years, whenever it came to the talents of the divine land, everyone had their eyes fixed on the Floating Islands.

"So far Mike has been doing really good. I wonder if he has any more tricks up his sleeves," Jeremiah commented.

"What is the use? He is already dead. No matter how powerful he is, it's useless to use any trump card now," Murphy said indifferently.

While the Holy Beings were busy in heated discussions, Troy said, "There is something strange that needs to be reported!"

"Go ahead," said Nicholas calmly, nodding in agreement.

"Although Zen's physical body was powerful, we still stood a chance to capture him. We could apply the Grand Teleportation technique, provided the space in the region was not blocked."

Nicholas was confused with Troy's words. He merely smiled and said, "You are blaming me for sealing off the regions?"

Earlier Nicholas had wasted the divine might coins, in order to write the rule on the Ruling Slate. This was done so that the target could not escape.

However, the consummate True Gods were also restrained by this rule. This shocked everyone.

"Of course not." Troy shook his head and added, "The space in the Snake Spirit Region wasn't blocked. My plan was to use the Topsoil Bell to lock Zen, thereby allowing everyone to fight together. By then, everyone could freely employ the Grand Teleportation technique except Zen. However, I was about to enter the Snake Spirit Region, when Zen attacked me suddenly. After stepping into the Snake Spirit Region, he ran away!"

"You mean to say that Zen saw through your scheme?" asked Nicholas.

Troy shook his head, "It's impossible that he identified my plan. He definitely was not aware that I had the possession of Topsoil Bell. Moreover, I informed others about my scheme through the life vitality, so there was no way he could hear anything."

Nicholas's eyes narrowed as he said, "So you mean someone informed him of your plan and that's how he successfully escaped!"

"Exactly! There is a spy among us!" Troy nodded and looked towards Rocher who was not far away.

Everyone followed his gaze and stared at Rocher. It was very c

en what are you afraid of?"

"Master Hamish." Several Holy Beings such as Nicholas and Murphy exclaimed his name with reverence and bowed to the thin old man.

"Is he the famous Master Hamish?"

Abelard and the other several Holy Beings also cupped their hands and bowed.

The Holy Beings of the union of the powerful clans on the Floating Islands had heard stories about Hamish, but very few had seen him.

"You still haven't realized the gravity of our situation. Since they sent Zen back, they will definitely try and find other means to enter the divine land. In the past, we were unable to destroy the outer wall of the divine land, so they will face similar difficulty. However, sooner or later, they will try to break through the barrier. Back then, we spent twenty years on such a thing. If they manage to enter, how do you plan to fight against them?" Hamish asked earnestly.

Hearing Hamish explain, the Holy Beings looked very tense.

If even Hamish, who was an Other Shore Realm warrior, was afraid of the people from the foreign land, then the Holy Beings had no chance of not fearing at all.

Just as all the Holy Beings were silent, Hamlin, the Holy Being of the Zhao Clan said, "Well, I can give it a try! Let me go this time."

The Zhao Clan had just joined the elite clans on the Floating Islands. With Nicholas' help, the clan's Floating Island was flourishing, but its foundation was still unstable. Thus the members of the Zhao Clan needed to do something to prove their capability to Nicholas.

Seeing that no one was willing to accept the task, Hamlin had to give a shot.

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