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   Chapter 2688 Anger

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Harold focused his gaze at Zen, and asked, "Are all these strong warriors at the Other Shore Realm locked up in this prison?"

Zen nodded and responded, "But soon, we broke the shackles of the prison so that they could leave."

"They have left?" Hallet on the side couldn't stay calm as he asked, "Will they enter the divine land?"

There was a pause for a few moments. Harold broke the silence and continued, "The key is the standpoint of these strong warriors at the Other Shore Realm."

Zen smiled faintly. "It was the masters at the Other Shore Realm who sent me back to the divine land this time. They are divided into many factions according to their respective origin. Among them, the Snake Goddess race and the Nine Li race are the most powerful."

Hallet, Augustus and Joy had no idea what Zen had just disclosed to them.

They knew little about the Source World. Only Hallet had some knowledge about the existence of the Source World.

Hearing the two race names from Zen, they were quite unfamiliar with them.

Just then, Harold suddenly stood up and stared at Zen, his face full of incredulity. "The Snake Goddess race and the Nine Li race? Do the people of the Nine Li race know your blood?"

Zen nodded in response. "In order to join the Nine Li race, I had my blood tested in that world."

"What was their attitude?"

Upon hearing Zen's words, Harold had now fixated his eyes full of excitement at him, breaking his usually composed self.

Harold's reaction and expression had made Augustus' jaw drop. He had never seen him so excited before. He remembered that even when he took over the Swirl Forest, Harold still showed a calm appearance. This moment was a bit unexpected.

"They helped me a lot," Zen added.

With a sudden sigh of relief, Harold asked with uncontrollable joy, "Where are they now? How many of them are there?"

"Coupled with the members of the Snake Goddess race, I think there are thirteen of them. Originally, they planned to return to the divine land with me, but now there has been a problem. They are blocked outside the divine land, so they can't come in," Zen responded.

"They can't come in?" Harold was a little stunned. He didn't expect that the situation would be like this.

Zen gave a nod and continued, "Back then, Chiyou had spent a lot of effort in building up this divine land in order to protect his people. Even the top figures at the Other Shore Realm

rong he is, can he be stronger than all of you?" Nicholas mocked, showing a look of disappointment.

Zen was, of course, their very important target. If others knew about their failure, they would certainly be laughed at.

The others would think that the so-called powerful clans were all completely jokes.

"Holy Nicholas, with all due respect," Rachelle cupped her hands and respectfully intercepted, "if the space was not sealed, we might catch him. But since the space was sealed, we couldn't use the Grand Teleportation technique. Even the Demi-holy Beings couldn't be sure of success."

"Rachelle! You don't have the right to speak!" Murphy right then scolded Rachelle. Of course, he didn't want her to bear Nicholas' anger.

However, Rachelle was obstinate. She resolutely rebutted, "What I said is true!"

Unexpectedly, Nicholas had suppressed his anger. "It has only been ten years. Has Zen really reached such a level?"

Troy cupped his hands and said, "It is indeed out of our expectation. I don't know where he learned the skills. He turned into a giant that was tens of thousands of feet tall. I tried my best to unleash the Indestructible Metal Hand, but the power was actually less than half of his."

Hearing Troy's experience of encounter with Zen, the Holy Beings present showed surprise on their faces.

They were very clear about his strength, and they had also met Zen before. At that time, he was just a low-rank True God, inexperienced and still very young.

It was really beyond their expectation. It was just ten years but they couldn't understand how Zen had become so powerful.

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